So an Iron Man video game is coming. However, usually talking about super-hero video games, we talk about Batman and Spider-Man with the thrills of flying over the city to attack the bad guys in your amazing suit and gears. But, if you bored of them already, don't worry because another superhero is coming in his suit. Iron Man VR is coming to PlayStation 4.

Iron Man VR

From just the name alone, I think you could figure out one thing or two about this upcoming game already. Iron Man VR is a PlayStation VR game with the whole game is about the favorite billionaire of everyone and the sassy playboy, Tony Stark. We don't know yet how many percentages of that yet. But taking from the semi-cinematic trailer below that Sony has released during its Play live stream it has a lot of shooting on the high-sky.

From the official blog of Marvel, we have a brisk post saying that this Iron VR game is a mission for Tony Stark to go against his past ghosts which seek to destroy everything he cares about. The players will be in the role of fighting against Super Villains and iconic allies as they are jet around the globe in heroic missions to save the world and Stark Industries.

The Impulse Armour

Adi Granov, the costume designer and illustrator at Marvel, has made a special Iron Man suit for this game. It is kinda a spruced-up version of the usual Iron Man suit we usually see, known as Impulse Armour. It looks quite good, we could say that he has added some modern and sleek twist to the classic comic book design of Tony. And surely, in this VR game, we get to punch airplane into bits with the suit.

Official Iron Man Video Game Is Coming To Psvr Lat
In-game images

Sony Interactive Entertainment, Marvel Games, and the developer Camouflaj have worked together to release Iron Man VR. They expect to launch it on PlayStation VR at the end of 2019.

Iron Man VR is a collaboration between developer Camouflaj, Sony Interactive Entertainment, and Marvel Games, and is due to launch on PSVR later this year.