GTA Online's newest update has brought a new mission series called Operation Paper Trail. This is the first time in the GTA Series that players can officially become an IAA agent. Operation Paper Trail is the main story objective of GTA Online Criminal Enterprises, and up to 4 players can co-op in doing these missions.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase everything you need to know about Operation Paper Trail in GTA Online, including a complete mission list and how to start.

Agent ULP

1. How to start Operation Paper Trail

In Operation Paper Trail, agent ULP is going to employ you covertly to investigate a criminal conspiracy to rig the high price of oil. He believes the Duggan criminal family is behind it, so he needs agents to go undercover and confirm his suspicions.

Operation Paper Trail GTA Online

After logging in, you should soon receive an in-game phone call from Agent ULP to get you started on the GTA Online Operation Paper Trail mission series. He would give you a few details on what to expect, then direct you to the IAA HQ. Driving to the place with the letter "U" on the map and enter the corona to start the quest.

Afterward, every time players want to access a new mission, they will have to revisit the IAA Headquarters.

2. Operation Paper Trail Mission List

Operation Paper Trail has six missions in total - they offer really good cash rewards, especially for GTA+ members. They can earn up to 50% more rewards.

ULP - Intelligence

In this mission, GTA Online players must sneak into the apartment of Mason Duggan and check his main computer.

After acquiring the information they need, players will now have to collect four pieces of hardware. 2 of them are located in the FIB Headquarters, while the rest are in a weapon depot.

To approach the mission stealthily, players need to wear maintenance outfits. Try not to show your weapon when the FIB agents are around, as they will trigger a shootout and give you a wanted level. This would make the mission considerably harder, as players also have to lose the cops afterward.

ULP - Counterintelligence

With the FIB monitoring the IAA after the first mission, the second ULP mission put the player on counterintelligence.

They will need to hack into the FIB drones using the SecuroServ app. Players need to stay within the range of the drone for the hack to work. Once done, they can head to a nearby motel and hack into a computer.

However, things go wrong and the FIB would knock the player out and put them into an exploding van. The next task is to defuse the bomb in a hacking mini-game, outrun the cops and deliver the van to a marked destination.

ULP - Extraction

In this mission, players will be direct toward Agent Johnson's house, where they have to look for clues about her disappearance.

The tricky part here is that players are given three coordinates instead of just one. They need to divide the teams to each location or act fast, as Johnson is going to be involved in a massive shootout.

Protect her then drive over to the IAA HQ to complete the mission. It is a good idea to use a heavily armored vehicle as there will be a lot of actions taking place. Bringing some snacks is also recommended.

ULP - Asset Seizure

Now that Agent Johnson is secured, players need to look for the Duggan's van, which is being used to carry the AI hardware.

To clear the jammed signal, they will have to destroy a number of jammers on the map, marked with red dots. Just use a sniper rifle to safely clear them out from afar.

Locate the van after destroying the signal jammers, then eliminate the driver and drop off the vehicle. Watch out for chasing enemies.

ULP - Operation Paper Trail

In this mission, players will need to interrupt a deal between the Duggans and the FIB. Head over to a nearby construction lot, hack into the drones and scout out the area.

Take out the few security guards at the ground level then find an elevator key. Try to avoid the flying drones to maintain stealth.  Players will enter a shootout once they arrive on the rooftop. Just survive it and steal a briefcase.

Escape via a parachute jump, then chase Mason Duggan and take him out. The last part would have you drop the briefcase at a specific location.

ULP - Cleanup

This is the final mission in Operation Paper Trail, which involves players tying up some loose ends by heading to a silo on Mount Chiliad. It used to be run by Avon Hertz.

Firstly, find a power breaker and a few spare parts. Eliminate the stationary AI guards before turning the power back on, as they would engage if the alarms go off. Access the main servers inside the silo and collect the necessary data.

Afterward, parachute off Mount Chiliad and drive back into the IAA Facility while avoiding Clifford's Mercenaries in the process.

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