One particular aspect that many GTA Online players have been looking forward to in the Criminal Enterprises patch is the nerf to the Oppressor MKII, the most popular griefer vehicle in the game. Looks like Rockstar has managed to reduce the capability of the vehicle just enough so that it stop being annoying.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to analyze if the Oppressor MKII is still useful after the nerf or not.

The infamous bike is finally going down.


1. Less accurate missiles

The Oppressor Mk II comes equipped with four homing missile launchers, which provide heavy firepower against most targets. They also have a limited capacity of 20 missiles, but can be refilled very quickly by landing inside a Terrorbyte.

Prior to the patch, the missiles have good tracking capabilities, nearly as good as the ones on the Ruiner 2000.

How good are the Oppressor missiles now?

After the patch, however, the homing missiles are much less accurate than before. As the damage remains unchanged, players can still destroy the target if they managed to hit it. Upon testing, it is found that the accuracy would be low if the target moves to the left or right.

Players need to actually predict the movement of the target now for the missile to be as effective as before. This means the less skilled users won't be much of a nuisance.

2. Countermeasures nerf

This is where the hoverbike was hit the hardest.

Flare nerf

Prior to the nerf, the Oppressor MkII has a number of countermeasures that defend it against missiles. They are fairly effective, with the Flare having a very short cooldown of 3 seconds.

Now it takes about 9 seconds for players to fire another flare, which is much, much worse. The six extra seconds are more than enough for other players to down the vehicle with homing rockets, as it has very low HP. Players need to use the rocket boost feature to hit and run very carefully now.

Chaff nerf

Prior to the nerf, Chaff is considered the best defensive option... but now it is no longer. After the patch, the Chaff countermeasure cooldown has also been slightly more than doubled. Players pretty much can't spam it now and need to save the ability for the right moment.

While the smoke remains unchanged, it is still considered the weakest option of the three.

3. Should you sell or keep the Oppressor MK2?

Overall, while the nerf is very significant, skilled players can still make do.

The offensive capability of the hoverbike is more or less intact if players can hit their shots. While the defensive countermeasures are nerfed, it is still possible to get the upper hand and then run away.

Pegassi Oppressor Mk Ii
Players can still using this to clear normal content

PVP aside, its ability to fly through the skies effortlessly makes it a highly convenient vehicle to use anywhere on GTA Online's map, which makes completing missions much easier.

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