Overwatch is an online multiplayer FPS game developed by Blizzard. The game introduces heroes with skills that give them their own unique playstyle and roles. Players on a team will work together to complete objectives such as secure and defend control points or escort a payload across the map. It really gave FPS fans a fresh take on the genre at the time it was released. The game is a great success that Blizzard is even going to release Overwatch 2 in the future.

Is Overwatch Free To Play
Is Overwatch free to play?

In this article, Gurugamer.com will provide you with all the information you need to know about this title for you to start getting into it.

Is Overwatch Free To Play?

No, Overwatch is not Free To Play. Unlike many esports titles such as League of Legends or DOTA 2, CS:GO, you will have to buy Overwatch from Blizzard store or other third-party sources. On the Bizzard store, you will find 2 editions of Overwatch, the Legendary Edition and the Standard Edition. The Legendary Edition is $20 more expensive than the Standard Edition and the only things it offers are some skins and in-game items for other games of Blizzard so there is no point buying it over the Standard Edition at all.

Is Overwatch Free To Play
Blizzard has turned their legendary RTS title Starcraft to Free to play

While the answer to the question "Is Overwatch Free To Play?"  is "no" for now, this might change in the future. As we can see, even Valve has taken one step back and made CS:GO Free to Play in 2018. Blizzard themselves also has turned their legendary title Starcraft 2 to Free To Play. So there is a high chance that Overwatch will become a Free To Play title in the future, especially when Overwatch 2 is released.

is overwatch free to play on pc
Is Overwatch Free To Play? Maybe it will when Overwatch 2 is released in the next few years

But for now the answer to the question "Is Overwatch Free To Play?" is still "no" and you will have to pay $20 to play it. Even pirate sites on the Internet won't provide you Overwatch free to play download. There is one way to buy a cheaper copy of Overwatch though. You can buy from Amazon and save a few bucks.

A basic guide for beginners


All the heroes in Overwatch all free and are at their full power so you won't have to pay any extra money to get more powerful. But you can buy skins, items, victory poses to make your characters look better. There is a total of 32 heroes in Overwatch, each with their own unique set of 4 skills. These heroes are divided into 3 main categories: Tank, Damage, Support. Generally, you would want to have all these roles in your teams to adapt to different situations. Here is a quick rundown of each role in Overwatch:

  • Tank: Tanks are heroes who generally have higher hitpoints and take a lot of damage thanks to their defensive skills, allowing your team to push through choke points.
Is Overwatch Free To Play
D.Va is a Tank hero in Overwatch because of her giant robot
  • Damage: These heroes are the main damage dealer of your team. They have great mobility to attack enemies from multiple angles and throw them off track.
  • Support: The main jobs of these heroes are to buff allied heroes and debuff enemies heroes. They are mostly healer but they might also have skills to weaken enemies for example, which is super helpful in fights.

Game Mode

There is a total of 4 main modes in Overwatch:  Assault, Control, Escort, Hybrid. You will be playing in a team of 6 players to fight another team to complete the objectives of the mode you are in. Each of these modes will have their own maps.

  • Assault mode: In this mode, the attacking team must take 2 capture points while the defending teams must prevent them from doing so until the timer runs out.
  • Control mode: 2 teams will fight over one capture point in this mode and make progress toward 100% completion. Which team wins 2 out of 3 rounds first will win the match.
is overwatch free to play on pc
In Escort mode,  the attacking team will have to escort a payload to a delivery point
  • Escort mode: The attacking team will have to escort a payload to a delivery point while the other team prevents them until the timer runs out. There are 2-3 checkpoints on the map for the attacking team to increase the timer and move both teams spawning locations.
  • Hybrid: This mode is the combination of Assualt mode and Escort mode. Players will start with Assault mode to capture points and then proceed with the Escort mode.

Is Overwatch Free To Play? No, but this game is really worth your money with all the content that you can get and will get. Other than these main modes, there are 3 other modes in Arcade: Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, Elimination, and news modes during events around the year.

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