People have not been adoring the animals that co-live with us on this planet enough, so Planet Zoo is coming for the case. Revealed back in June this year, the spiritual successor of the notorious prehistorical zoo simulator Zoo Tycoon has come out now.

Planet Zoo is the product from the developer Frontier Developments, and it has published its newest and probably the most ambitious brainchild for PC via Steam. Below is the trailer for this launch, which you can have a small peek to see what's great to build the perfect habitats for our precious animals:

Overview on Planet Zoo

It's the third time we've written a gameplay overview for Planet Zoo, but we can't help saying that it's stunningly beautiful. Stepping away from the prehistorical predators in Zoo Tycoon, the developer Frontier Developments has brought the irreplacable part of our modern life - a zoo with realistic animals to its newest game.

Its concept is very simple but very hard to complete: building the most awesome zoos on Earth. To be more specific, you'll have to build the ideal habitats for many authentic living animals, as well as satisfying visitors by bringing the best experience for their tour.

Planet Zoo Officially Launches Today 1
Planet Zoo is the most beautiful simulation game you can find right now!

First thing first, let's talk about the animals. There are 70 types of animals that you can have in your park, including the most incredible ones on Earth. For example, you can add some lion cubs, the huge elephants, or the tall giraffes to your zoos - which are not easy to find in our real life. Furthermore, they're not just decorations for your zoos, but they experience this world the same way we saw them. They need suitable living conditions to survive, and no one else but you have to take care of that.

Planet Zoo Officially Launches Today 2
Preparing the suitable habitats for each kind of animals before bringing them in

In order to make them live happily, you'll have to craft the best habitats for each kind of animal, taking care of their foods to supply the necessary nutrition and take care of their special needs as well. You won't be able to do it on your own, so you'll have to hire some staff to help you. Maybe you'll see those animals passing their precious genes to the next generations soon!

Planet Zoo Officially Launches Today 8
Hire staff to take care of the animals for you

Attract tourists while caring about micromanagement

Coming to the tourist-attracting jobs, Planet Zoo allows you to create your one-and-only zoo that is not similar to anyone else. Specifically, you'll be able to build your zoos from pieces, and you can choose where ones will be located.

Additionally, exhibiting certain animals in a matching landscape is very important to attract more tourists. For example, building an ancient Chinese castle behind the pandas looks very harmonizing, breathing the most realistic winds to your zoos. You can also build other facilities such as vending machines at suitable places to keep your customers hydrated as well.

Planet Zoo Officially Launches Today 6
Build the perfect landscape for the pandas!

At first, probably you won't be able to afford a huge zoo with plentiful of facilities with your budgets, but as time goes by, your dream of running the wildest zoo ever will become true. But if you're not interested in becoming a businessman in the Career Mode, Planet Zoo gives you a Sandbox mode where you can build everything you want without carrying much about the cost.

Planet Zoo Officially Launches Today 5
Or you can build trails to let your visitors observing the animals while riding!

Alongside those two play modes, there is also the Franchise mode - which is basically the online mode. It allows you to meet other players and learn how they facilitate their zoos. You can also exchange animals with your friends, which will make your zoo's species diversity much better!

Available now on Steam

Players that have already pre-ordered Planet Zoo are now able to grab their game with 3 exclusive animals: The Thomson's Gazelle, Pygmy Hippopotamus, and The Komodo Dragon.

You can grab the game on Steam now at the price of $44.99 for the normal version and $54.99 for the Deluxe version - containing all of those three animals above, as well as original soundtracks and wallpapers.