Along with season 7, Fortnite also brought Creative Mode which provides players an island and unlimited materials to build stuff. Many players are very excited about it and start to build their own landscape. There is no surprise that after a short time, many player-made stuffs were created. Some of them are really sophisticated and marvelous, for example, the De_Dust 2 – an iconic map of CS: GO.

This creation belongs to a Reddit user, VariousPurple. His creation has passed Epic requirements and Epic sends him a code for entering the facilities. To explore Dust 2 by yourself, firstly, open the select the Creative Mode and hit play. After that, walk over to any island rifts and you will see an option pop up to enter the Island code. Enter the code: 1068-0274-9341 and the short description about the island will appear. Click “Select Island” and you will be teleported to Dust 2 after the island is completely loaded.

The original map of CS:GO is recreated on Fortnite

If you want to play a match in Dust 2, you have to hit escape and navigate to the island settings. In here, there will be many options about the match to choose like the type of matches, team, time limit,…However, in Creative mode, players are only allowed to equipped guns and armor. It is impossible to build or harvest there. Playing in Creative Mode is very great for those who are tired of Fortnite original designs.

Fortnite Creative Mode lets players build their own map and play with friends

There Creative Mode is proving that it is the best decision of Epic up to now. Last week, we have a chance to witness the Avenger Stark Tower with a huge scale. There are a lot of cool stuff like this on subreddit. Definitely, when Fortnite The Block is officially available, Epic will feel difficult to choose what facilities should be in the game. There is nothing better than a fan-made building exists on a casual battle royal match!