PlayerUnknown, whose real name goes by Brendan Greene, is one of the founders of the famous Battle Royale game called PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. He has recently decided to stop working directly on the game.

Greene shared that he no longer has the interest in the Battle Royale genre, especially towards the PUBG 2 idea. The guy believed it’s time for him to explore something different.

Below is the trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn Collaboration with PUBG.

At GDC, in an interview, Greene did describe the last two years and how it was definitely a blast to be alive. It has been such a wild ride for him with the rise of PUBG in the gaming scene. The game has been incredibly successful and therefore secured an Xbox temporary exclusive deal. Furthermore, PUBG is the reason why Battle Royale is such a popular genre these days.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has been leading the battle royale genre for quite a long time.

It’s safe to say that PUBG paved the way and made Fortnite, Call of Duty 4's Blackout mode or Apex Legends possible. When mentioning these competitors, Greene was happy to see the growth of this genre in the gaming scene.

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For those who wonder about the future of PlayerUnknown, he said he is looking for freedom and inspiration to create the next big title and his future adventures will be Special Projects. In fact, Greene revealed that he has no intention in making PUBG 2. He felt like it’s time to think outside the box and try out something new.

After such a huge hit of PUBG, there would be an undoubted pressure to create something as successful. Greene wasn’t doing his job for profit. He just wanted to explore a new genre and sticks with the gaming industry. He felt extremely lucky to work with PUBG Corp and having such an amazing experience there. We know that he won’t stop exploring or stop being hungry for new things to come in the future.