Yesterday we reported about the major Update 27a that is coming to PUBG PC, which adds tons of new features: A whole new moon map with no gravity nor oxygen, allowing you to jump a lot higher and removing fall damage but requiring you to have oxygen tanks to survive; a level 4 helmet that completely protects you against enemy gunfire but drastically limit your vision; as well as tons of new weapons and mechanics. Now, it seems we are going to have even more than that.

Pubg Moon Map
PUBG PC Update 27a allows you to play on the moon. But wait, there is more

Update 27a will also add mobile phones to the game. Every player has one right at the beginning, and they can use it to take selfies to share with their friends. Not only that, but the phone can also be used to play PUBG Mobile. Yes, you can now play PUBG Mobile while playing PUBG PC! The gameception is real.

This is undoubtedly going to be great news for campers who love to stay in one place pretty much all game. Now they’ll have something to entertain themselves with while waiting for someone to come by.

Huong Dan Tai Pubg Mobile Tieng Anh 1 800x450
You can now play PUBG Mobile while playing PUBG PC. Just imagine that!

Meanwhile, the maps will have some additional wildlife that suits their respective environment. More specifically, the Erangel map will have grizzly bears. Miramar, meanwhile, gets jaguars to fit the desert theme. Sanhok, being a swamp, will now feature giant pythons. As for the snow map Vikendi, Yetis will be the addition. Even the new moon map gets wizards in place of wildlife creatures. Also, as an Easter Egg, the famous streamer WackyJacky101 will make an appearance in the shooting range.

Famous streamer WackyJackky101 will have a cameo in the game

Of course, these creatures will be more than just decorations. They are aggressive and will attack players on sight, which means you now have another threat to take into account. This can easily change the course of a gunfight – for better or worse.

More information is still coming. Don’t forget to keep yourself updated.