One of the most famous game streamer Imane 'Pokimane' Anys revealed her unexpected plan to improve her Fortnite playing skills - with one action employing a 12-year-old gamer to mentor her through a service called 'Fiverr.'

Pokimane made the announcement about her plan in her YouTube post last Sunday, in which she stated that she'd ask the youngster gamer who called himself 'Hack4Top' to coach her after having read his reviews on Fiverr.

She clarified that she sucked AF at playing Fortnite, plus, those kids had a lot of experiences and skills in the game that even excel her. She even praised them.

Pokimane hired a 12-year-old to coach her with Fortnite

Both Pokimane and Hack4Top had an amusing training session, in which the Australian adolescent appeared not to trust that it was truly the famous streamer until he was linked to Pokimane's YouTube channel (and then the boy was overwhelmed by her huge number of subscribers which is over 3mil).

Both of them after that went into Fortnite's creative mode starting a swift training course, in which she took a shot at improving her shooting accuracy and constructing skills while Hack4Top giving out funny commentary on her attempt. Pokimane wound up giving the youngster $200 from her stream session's donations, proceeding to guarantee that the session really went shockingly well.

Pokimane's inspiring experience with Hack4Top follows a huge number of accusations against her for Youtube copyright strike on smaller Youtubers, which started after she copyright struck a video of another for mentioning a beef between her and KEEMSTAR on Twitter.

Pokimane has after that stood up on the drama, stating that the mentioned video wasn't "transformative content;" notwithstanding, she conceded that endeavoring to stifle the beef just prompted further attention, which made her guard herself during a recent talk with another YouTube creator about the issue.