Pratik Jogiya aka Alpha Clasher is a familiar name in the Indian game streaming scenario. Based in Mumbai, Pratik is an emulator play and streams PUBG for his audience. His YouTube channel Alpha Clasher has over 1.06 million subscribers.

Known for his quick wit and aggressive gameplay, Pratik Jogiya while streaming revealed why he doesn't want to enter into competitive esports. Being a streamer, he feels entertaining the audience is more lively.

Pratik Jogiya
Pratik Jogiya is a popular name in the gaming community.

During one of his livestreams, one of the audience questioned him why he is not interested in joining a competitive esports team, to which Pratik Jogiya said, "So far I am not interested in entering the competitive part of the gaming industry. I am really loving the way I entertain my audience. I love streaming and would like to continue entertaining the audience."

Pratik Jogiya 1
He has a top massive number of followers on various platforms.

He further said,

"Honestly speaking even if I practice hard for two-three months playing PUBG on my cellphone, it can be possible. But what I want is to communicate with the audience, make them laugh and have fun rather than playing competitive sports. I want to use my sense of humor and my presence of mind while streaming to entertain people.

If I enter the competitive part, my sense of humor and presence of mind will be of no use. So even if I enter competitive esports I will be able to do it for a maximum of seven months or so but after that even I will get bored because of it. This is my mindset as of now. "

Pratik Jogiya 2
Pratik Jogiya

"I did consider it earlier but my soul and heart say to entertain people. So even if I enter esports it will take time and this will only ruin my streaming career and moreover I won't be able to enjoy myself. I won't be happy with the content I create", said Pratik Jogiya.