During Sony’s latest episode of the State of Play Event, the release date and various additional details for Predator: Hunting Grounds were revealed. The game would be released on Apr 24, and the most notable addition to the series is the ability to play as a female Predator, which is more or less unheard of in any Alien based media from games to movies.

The trailer has been pretty successful in showcasing the ultra-violent action that fans expected from the series. There are two factions for you to pick in Hunting Grounds: Fireteam (human) or Predator. As the 4-man squad fire team, you would have to complete your mission while facing guerrillas before the Predator appears to wipe you out. Playing as the predator, however, is actually the best part of the game. You can pick between three classes of Predators: The balanced Hunter, the Stealthy Scout or the Crazy Berserker.

Predator Hunting Grounds 2
The Yautja bow with the ability to shoot massive arrows

About weapons, you can pick from various alien technology such as the iconic shoulder-mounted energy rifle Plasma Caster, the semi-spear Combistick (which can be used as both a melee and throwing weapon, the Smart Disc with an area of effect attack, the movie Wrist Blades, and finally, the famous invisibility cloak – the most dangerous weapon of a predator. The female predator would come equipped with a weapon called the Yautja Bow, which could fire massive arrows strong enough to pin enemies to walls. The actions and combat would be super brutal, with Mortal Kombat's level of gore.

The iconic Plasma caster which was the main weapon of a Predator in the movie

Pre-orders are already up. If you purchase the game early, you would get various bonus cosmetics inspired by the weapons in the original movie. The digital deluxe version would include exclusive skins and a digital copy of Dark Horse's Predator Comics.

The game would be released on PC and PS4. It is an Epic Games Store exclusive. Interested in more of our video games related posts? Please check out this article for the upcoming remake of Resident Evil 3.