Like other available battle royale games in the gaming market, many strategies used for games like PUBG or Fortnite can be applied for Apex Legends too. However, Apex players still have to come up with more specialized strategies just for the game due to its different features such as unique abilities for player characters or ping-based communications system which impacts how players interact with their teammates.

After getting to know how different characters in the game work, how to combine them together to make an efficient team and which guns to use in which cases, you should pay attention to further high-level tips to increase your winning rate.

Here are some pieces of productive advice that help you get out of bad situations, stay alive and win fights in Apex Legends.

Use the Wave Gliding

A video on how to do wave gliding

At the beginning of the match, you can get to any spot on the map if you know how to jump in the correct way. The tip here is to do the wave gliding, which allows you to go quicker by picking up speed through diving and turning that speeding into distance traveled. With a speed over 135, you will be able to pull off those 1000-meter-plus jumps so that you can avoid enemies to loot up more before entering a fight.

If you have to run, heal when sliding


 You don’t have to stay a place to heal anymore

Since healing takes over the moving ability, players usually have to take cover to use a medkit or a shield cell. In emergency cases such as running away from another squad or the closing Ring, the act of healing puts you in a more vulnerable position. Here comes an effective tip for you in this circumstance. When you are on the run and need to heal, find a hill, click the crouch button to slide and start healing. By this way, you can both get out of harm’s way and recover your health. This tip is extremely helpful when you are under fire or burning from the Ring. However, note to yourself that when you slide in one direction, you can easily become a target for sharpshooters.

Block Doors


A tip that is worth a try is blocking your enemies in a room with grenades or Caustic’s gas. To do this, you should block the room doors by pressing the button to keep doors closed or use Lifeline’s DOC drone or Caustic’s noxious gas traps to close them. Note that you can block doors even while crawling around after downed or using a death box. Blocking doors not only keeps your enemies in a harmful situation but also separates them and their teammates to hold back reinforcements while you find ways to kill them.

Break Doors

If your enemies try to use the tip above against you, you can still get out of it by breaking it. Breaking the door with a melee attack to stun your enemies on the other side of the door or burst them with explosives. If they manage to block the door to lock you up, hit the door twice to break it down completely.

If you are indoor, be sure to check out all traps and ambushes


Make sure to check every possible place that your enemies may hide

One thing you should always beware of is indoor ambushes. They usually happen at the Bunker or other small interior rooms. Loots are placed around the room to bait players. While you are picking up items, the hiding ambushers will fire a gun towards you or lock you up with grenades or Caustic’s noxious gas. Ambushers typically climb up and hide on door ledges, putting them out of sight of anyone who comes in. Thus, you should always go through the top of interior doors when you check out the rooms. As there are plenty of places to hide in Apex Legends, remember to avoid tunnel vision when you loot and check every possible place.

Diversify team’s weapons

Though many people prefer having a long-range weapon to knock down enemies from afar, it is recommended that you should keep a variety of weapons in your team for the best results. Various choices of guns will cover every position in your team. For example, a sniper cannot kill a bunch of enemies before they get to cover but he is able to hold back enemies, clear shields and do the clean-up kill. However, a shotgun or SMG would take charge of killing enemies with mid-range guns and put a lot of fire on an area. In short, with different weapons, you can broaden your choices. And to do this, your squad have to communicate well so everyone knows their roles in the team.

Knock out enemies as fast as possible

Once an enemy is down, be cautious enough to kill them immediately because they can be revived anytime by their squad. Besides, a downed member can still provide lots of intel to their teammates. They still can communicate with their teammates, and they can ping you too, which may help their team get the drop on you.

Use Melee when dropping

If you fall to the ground from considerable heights, you won’t have any fall damage, but might be stunned for a few seconds. That means you cannot move, prepare weapons, or fight. To avoid this, try hitting the melee button before landing. Time it well enough, and you will circumvent the stun animation altogether

Use the incendiary grenades


Take advantage of the incendiary grenades

The gas from Caustic’s gas straps can help you hide and finish off your enemies. And it will be deadlier with the incendiary grenades. This grenade's damage stacks with the gas, and it can create a firewall to prevent enemies from passing through. Use it well to trap enemies in the gas clouds and make them take damage.

Use balloons when needed

Using balloon may expose you a bit since you will trail colored smoke when diving. However, the balloon is still worth it as it allows you to cover ground really fast. You can also use balloons to ambush other teams, flee the closing ring and stay away from snipers. If you know how to take advantage of the balloon, it will be a helpful strategy in Apex. If you are targeted, spinning your balloon will make it harder for you to be hit.

Try Switching Guns, Not Reloading


In Apex, reloading seems to take a lot of times for most guns. That’s why you are recommended to change to another gun instead of reloading. Changing to new weapons is much quicker than waiting for the reload animation. If you are more comfortable with a particular type of weapon, keep two of the same type so you can keep up the fire as much as you can by only switching to the same gun.