Previously at E3 2019, Spearhead Games has revealed its upcoming RPG - Project Witchstone. However, at that time, the developer has only confirmed that only PC users can have chances to dive in this 'living world sandbox' game.

But today, it has broadened the game's supported platform pool, as it's coming to PS4 and Xbox One as well!

Console players might have no reason to watch the game's trailer at that time. But now with this announcement, why don't we catch a glimpse on how this game looks?

The story of Project Witchstone

Project Witchstone takes the settings of a brand new continent that hasn't gone through its colonization progress yet. Hence, the land still sees a lot of conflicts occurring between various factions in order to take the ultimate privileges.

Project Witchstone Release For Consoles And Pc 1
Many factions are fighting to gain control of this continent

You and your party will be the factors deciding the whole outcome of this fight. You'll decide on your own which side will you join, who to fight against and who to work with. It's not only about fighting each other. It's also about relationship managing, which will result in different outcomes later on.

Special features

The story of Project Witchstone is very short because the rest is waiting for you to write. The developer wants to give you the pen and the paper, allowing you to decide the whole story that you take part in.

Project Witchstone Release For Consoles And Pc 4

To remind you, Spearhead Games is the studio behind two great narrative titles: Stories: The Path of Destinies and Omensight. And with its experience in making heavy story-driven game, you can expect this game to shine!

In Project Witchstone, you'll strive in a 'living and reactive world'. Some might wants to make their name great, so they can gain their glory through various combats and leading their factions to the highest crown in the continent. In contrary, someone else might want to impact the world without leaving any trails behind. In order to do that, they'll have to do some killing in the shadow, leaving no proofs and witnesses.

Project Witchstone Release For Consoles And Pc 2
Or you can just persuade them if you don't prefer violence

The world you're living in is very dynamic. Every people here is living their own life, having their daily habits and personal opinions. Interacting with them will give you clues on how could you reshape this continent on your own will.

How can that possible? According to the developer, it has taken a systemic approach to shaping the consequences.

It sounds very unclear, but basically, your previous actions will result in tailored events. For example, if you killed someone, there will be an investigation on the suspect, and followed by further events. So if you choose to commit a crime without anyone noticing, you might get out safely. However, if you do it in front of many people's eyes, you might get into troubles with law enforcement.

Is it worth to change the opinion of anyone toward you? You're the one to decide!


It all depends on you! You can decide to do whatever you want and still influence the future of this world.

The combats in this game are turn-based with a real-time modifier. It doesn't seem that impressive, but its animation will satisfy the eyes of the most demanding ones.

Project Witchstone Release For Consoles And Pc 6
Project Witchstone features turn-based combats

When will it come out?

On Steam, the developer has announced that Project Witchstone will come out 'when witchstones wake up'. It's such a vague release date, so here are the release windows for you from E3's announcement.

The game will come out for PC through Steam at some times in Q2 2020. And yesterday, Spearhead has confirmed that PS4 and Xbox One will receive the game the same day it comes out for PC as well.

Project Witchstone Release For Consoles And Pc 5
The game is coming out in Q2 2020

You can find further information about the game on its Steam page. And don't forget to add it to your Wishlist to get the notifications when Project Witchstone comes out!