PS4 clients have been announced that Sony is updating their PS4 with some new features

The tech goliath is invigorating their PlayStation Now so that multiple games can be played via streaming service.

And if you don't know yet, Sony's PlayStation Now is a platform which contains more than 500 unique games.

This incorporates games from PS2 to PS4, which are all gushed straight to your platform.

It was also declared that the firm was updating how their PS Now functioned, by letting players download titles on PS4.

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PS Now is featuring a lot of cool games with a low-price subscription

The subscription's price is £12.99 (Rs 1234) every month and you will have to pay £84.99 (Rs 8078) for a yearly subscription.

However, PS Plus is excluded from the PS Now subscription.

Fortunately, Sony routinely changes the list of PS4 titles that are allowed to be downloaded, something that only occurred recently.

October PS Now titles have been updated to the system, right after the news.

A full rundown of ten titles has been declared for this month, including The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited and Zombie Viking, and many more.

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It meets with the fact that the PS Now's streaming service has been updated in a considerable way.

Fans would now be able to download the titles they normally stream, similar to the opponent Xbox Game Pass.

According to the official announcement on PlayStation Now website, the update should be available for users from September, featuring a lot of blockbusters and even remastered version of PS2 titles. Bear in mind that you are able to play them at 4K resolution and 5.1 sound system, DLCs, add-ons, etc... without even buying PS Plus.

When you have successfully downloaded these titles, they will be accessible even when you disconnect from the server. However, it ought to be noticed that you should go to the web on your PS4 once every week to confirm your PS Now membership.