A fan of Naruto will definitely know that Naruto’s favorite dish is ramen. The restaurant in anime and game is created based on a real-life restaurant Ramen Ichiraku (which means Ramen is the Best Pleasure) in Fukuoka. It is said that the author of Naruto come there to eat quite frequently when he was in college.

The Ramen Ichiraku restaurant in real-life

So, if you wonder how the Ichiraku Ramen tastes like, you now have a chance. The first licensed Naruto ramen restaurant is now available in Shanghai. The restaurant is designed after the restaurant in Naruto and is filled with Naruto stuffs inside.

Naruto's favorite ramen in anime. Yummy!!

Since the restaurant opened, many people are excited about it, especially Naruto fans. They don’t mind to wait a long time for this official Naruto Ramen. Some even wear like Naruto’s characters in order to recall some scenes in the anime and manga

Many people are lining up to try Naruto's favorite ramen.

Naruto and Kakashi cosplayer are eating ramen

and taking pictures with people

When  J-World Tokyo was opened, you also can eat  Ramen Ichiraku there.  However, the Ramen Ichiraku restaurant in Shanghai is bigger and a true restaurant which serves ramen and is decorated with many Naruto's popular stuff.

Every little thing is Naruto related. The chopsticks are even created to look like a kunai

How tasty it is!

The menu display severals ramens with different toppings.

Lets take a look in the restaurant's space more