Tencent, the developer of the popular battle royale game PUBG, released update 22 for the PC version of the game earlier this month. With this update, the company introduced a new matchmaking system. Now, the game decides players’ locations automatically and match them with other players from the same region.

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However, this new system did not work properly. Many players reported that they were getting matched into different regions. This led to many problems with connection and ping – and a bad online experience overall. Furthermore, the system created an avenue for Chinese players, infamous for cheating and poor behavior, to invade other servers. Because of this, Tencent received a lot of criticism from players.

Now, Tencent has made an announcement on its official PUBG website. In this announcement, the company apologies to players for the inconvenience, and promises that it is working on a solution.

According to Tencent, the system, had it worked properly, would have sent players to whichever region with the lowest ping. Unfortunately, there was a proble in the calculation of players’ locations and pings, hence the issue. Tencent says it has already developed an initial solution to combat this problem. It also claims to be “actively working to resolve the remaining issues”. The full fix is to come out next week.

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If the announcement is to be believed, once the full fix is release, it will prioritize arranging players into games on servers close to their region. For a better experience, the system will also try to put players who speak the same language together. In case there are too few players active in a server and the queue time is too long, the gane will put players in the next closest region.

Tencent apologizes for these bugs, and says that it is keeping a close eye on the situation. It promises to inform players once the full fix comes out.