PUBG Corp promised esports teams earlier this year that, for the upcoming Global Championship, they would get branded in-game skins.

However, PUBG Corp has just reconfirmed that it will no longer be happening. The players got the news through email citing that there are some problems during the development process. Consequently, the players will use 12 generic PUBG PGC skins instead.

Pubg Branded Skin
There won't be any branded skin in the upcoming championship anymore

They intended to let PUBG Esports professionals use the branded skins during the upcoming competition. As their parent organization would get 25% of sales, these skins would have been a great source of revenue.

Now, as they are using the regular skins, the sales will be added to the prize pool of the Global Championship only. However, PUBG Corp is also building up a Pick ‘Em event to compensate the teams for their lost. This event will offer some kind of revenue share to them.

Pubg Branded Skin 2
Players will have to use regular skins instead

According to the email sent to the teams by PUBG Corps, this incident is due to an issue of quality assurance. The development process in combination with an “inability to ensure a high enough quality of skin” raised some concerns and challenges from PDU and Seoul HQ. Therefore, they decided to halt the content.

Pubg Branded Skin 3
Fans are concerned that many other pros will leave competitive PUBG, too

Currently, some of the biggest esports groups over the world such as Team Vitality, NRG, OpTic, and Cloud9 have already left competitive PUBG. This results in a lot of concerns from the fans. Many fans admitted they worry that this will only lead to others backing out, too.

According to a PUBG analyst, the issue that arose along with this is that PUBG seemed to be going backward regardless of all the suggestions as well as feedback everyone had been giving them was supposed to push it forward.