From the beginning, random crates have always been the major source of skin for PUBG players. You can purchase random crates with BP (Battle Points). Some are free to open while some cost you $2.5 to open with a key.

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Rolling Random Crate has always been the most common ways for PUBG players to get skins

The value of these crates is fairly low in general and if you roll and get a locked crate that requires a key then you pretty much just waste your BP for nothing. Even though PUBG has been increasing the value of locked crates and reducing the probability of getting locked crates from random purchases, it is still not a very pleasant feeling to get one from a random roll. Seriously, who would pay $2.5 for a trash common item? That why PUBG is planning on removing all locked crates from random purchases next month.

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Receiving locked crate after spending your Battel Points is not fun at all

In a Dev Letter from PUBG a few days ago, they said that the value of locked crates on the marketplace was really low and players obviously didn't like them at all. They wanted the marketplace experience to become an enjoyable part of PUBG too so they are going to take locked crates away from random purchases starting from December 18. Also, they are going to release a new VENETIAN CRATE tomorrow that can be purchased with BP for a week before moving it to the random purchase pool. This crate will contain skins for guns that are evenly distributed from top to bottom tiers.

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The new VENETIAN CRATE will contain gun skins only

The developer hopes that with these changes, every player will have a more enjoyable time in PUBG whether they are spending money on PUBG content or not.