Yesterday, PUBG Lite server has gone offline for a few hours to implement new updates. Based on the feedback from players since the Open Beta on August 8, this patch added Exploding Gas Can, FFP driving and a new Account Leveling System.

FPP Driving

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FPP driving is now available in FPP mode

At first, PUBG Lite features TPP driving in both FPP and TPP mode, which made some FPP players not very happy. While TPP driving is more comfortable, FPP players usually want more challenging and authentic gameplay. Now FPP driving is enabled in FPP mode.

Exploding Gas Can

Gas Can 10 720x405
Gas Can will no longer be useless now

Exploding Gas Can was brought to PUBG in the #30 Update, and now PUBG Lite has it as well. Gas Can is no longer a completely useless item anymore as players can use it as a trap.

In order to blow up a Gas Can, you need to place it on the ground and shoot at it or use a Frag Grenade. It will then explode and deal damage to close by players. The damage dealt by the explosion will be vary depending on the distance.

Image2019 8 19 16 43 39 Use
Gas Cans will be shown separately in your backpack

Gas Can will now display separately in your backpack.

Account Leveling System

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You will be rewarded for each level

Players will get experience from playing the game and raise their account level. Unlike the Survivor points, your account levels will not be reset. Each level will grant players prizes.

Other changes

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The sounds of various actions such as sprinting, running and walking have been adjusted

You can now turn on the scoreboard in the Team Deathmatch mode by pressing F6. The board will show the Kill/Death/Assist stat of all players in that match.

Matchmaking from now on will be based on the MMR tiers.

Adjust sounds for sprinting, running and walking.