Game developer Tencent has recently released an update for PUBG PC on the game’s test server. This update, title update 23, brings a new weapon, some changes to the appearance of the blue zone, and an improved game performance.

The new weapon that update 23 adds is the Skorpion. This is a weapon of the handgun type. It is available on all maps in the game, and in Training mode as well. This gun has both single fire and auto fire mode. It uses 9mm rounds and has a magazine size of 20, which can be upgraded to 40 with an Extended Mag. Additionally, it has attachment slots for grips, suppressor and red dot sight as well.

Due to feedback from players, Tencent has also reduced the opacity of the blue zone to make it easier to see through. Below are some images to compare the blue zone before and after the change.




Furthermore, this new update brings a new mode to PUBG PC custom game: The War Mode – Conquest. In this mode, two teams of maximum 50 players each will compete against each other. The goal of the teams is to capture and maintain control of various objectives in certain areas of the map.

In terms of user interface, the update adds some key guides on the screen. These key guides appear above the minimap and will adapt and change through the game depending on the situation that you are in. If you don’t like this function, you can turn it off in Settings -> Gameplay. The wheel control is easier to control as well. Now you can circle through your items more smoothly.

On top of that, an anti-cheat system has been included in the event mode games with the report function. With this, when you spectate another player after you die, you can press the R buttion to report them for cheating.

Update 23 also fixes various bugs to improve the gameplay experience as a whole.