After one and a half year available on PC, the world-famous battle royale game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) finally feature a rank system. The ranking system of the game will be held on a seasonal basis, with each season reward the players' prizes depends on the highest rank that players earned.

At the start of each season, there will be ten provisional matches. Those matches are crucial to deciding a player's rank placement. After that, every match will reward players with Rank Points (RP), based on the performance on the match. Total RP will be used to determine the player's ranking tier.

PUBG will feature 8 tiers, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Elite, Master, and Grandmaster. The name of the players' tier is pretty much the same with League of Legends, the only difference is the name of the higher tier like Elite and Grandmaster. Also, the Grandmaster rank is only for the top 100 players, with no RP number requirement, so this rank is only for the best of the best.

The rank for solo match and team match are separated, and it's also different between 1st and 3rd person shooter mode. That mean each player will have max 4 rank type at the same time: Solo FPS, Squad FPS, Solo TPS, Squad TPS. The player's rank is reset at the end of the season. The "beta" season of PUBG will last for 2 months, and the result is crucial for the development team to make changes to future seasons.

Here is an example of how the RP system works:

- 1st place, 8 kills: +30 RP
- 1st place, 1 kill: +20 RP
- 100th place, 0 kills: -20 RP

Also, take notice that RP is differing from the MMR system, which determines the matchmaking system. Because each match of PUBG will feature a lot of players, so all players in the match will have the same MMR, not the same rank. You can see more about the new ranking system in the video below: