The Season 6 is now officially live on PUBG Test Server with a new map, weapons, and more. Let take a look at what PUBG is giving us this season.

New map Karakin

222 Karakin Minimap 1 1024x1024
Karakin is a 2x2 km map with the same terrain as Miramar

Karakin is a 2x2 km island located near Northern Africa's coast. The terrain of the map is quite like Miramar with many wide-open areas as well as rocky areas. With an extremely small size, the battle on this map is expected to be extremely fast. Also, there will be only 64 players each match on this map. Although we won't have the RPG on Karakin as we have seen in its introduction video, the map does have a few exclusive features such as the Black Zone, the Sticky Bomb, and penetrable walls.

Also, Karakin will be replacing Vikendi for now. The snow map will get a big revamp from the developer to get more new stuff before it comes back to the game. You can still choose Vikendi in Custom Match.

Black Zone

7 Pubg Patchnote 1
You can hide from the Black Zone in buildings because they will go down too

The Black Zone is only available in Karakin. It works pretty similarly to the Red Zone, with one minor difference, it can destroy buildings. The Black Zone will be indicated with a purple circle on the map and an alarm sound. Buildings in the zone can be unharmed, completely destroyed, or partially damaged. This means hiding in the buildings won't really help if you are stuck in the Black Zone. Buildings that are destroyed by the Black Zone will be shown with an X mark on the minimap.

Sticky Bomb 

8 Pubg Patchnote 2
Stick Bomb is an exclusive weapon on Karakin
9 Pubg Patchnote 3
You can use Sticky Bomb to break certain walls to surprise enemies

Sticky Bomb is another exclusive on Karrakin. The name has said it all, it will stick to any surface and explode shortly after. But it has more to offer than just killing other players. In Karakin, the developer added breach points on certain walls and floors, where you can use the Sticky Bomb to destroy and open a new path. This change creates a whole new layer of strategy for the game. For teams who are defending their building, they can create new places to peek out. For teams who are trying to push a building, they can create different paths to flank enemies.

6 Tunnel Interior 1
You can find secret paths underground with Sticky Bombs and get loots
10 Pubg Patchnote 4
Look for underground tunnels to find loots

Moreover, there are a lot of secret loot points on the map that you can access using your spare Sticky Bombs. This makes Karakin more fun as players will have a lot of secret places to explore and get rewarded for doing it.

Penetrable walls

Se Vienen Grandes Cambios A Pubg Mapa De 2x2 Pared
You can shoot through drywalls on Karakin and create small holes

Karakin features a new kind of wall which you can shoot bullets through. With this feature, you can totally create a small hole on the wall by yourself to sneak on teams on the other side without being spotted. You can then decide to fight or fly.

Survivor Pass: Shakedown

12 Pubg S6 Pass Asset 1
The Survivor Pass of Season 6 will also feature Community Missions to unlock Karakin's story

The Survivor Pass also includes a community mission this time for everyone to complete. Just the same as the last one, players will collect in-game items during matches to fill the gauge of the mission to receive skins, rewards, and reveal Karakin's story.

There are also Season Missions, Progression Missions, and Challenge Missions for players to get points and earn free items.