GTA V has undeniably been one of the most successful products of Rockstar Games since it was first brought out to the public in 2013, and the GTA Online edition is not an exception. To your surprise, GTA Online was once reported to generate approximately $500,000 in daily revenue, making it one of the biggest money machines Rockstar Games has ever had. 

Gta Money
Rockstar still decided to take another step and create this Online mode, which can just be called “success after success”.

Being such a big success makes it totally evident to claim that Grand Theft Auto Online is a flawless product of Rockstar Games. Usually, GTA 5 has been attractive enough to satisfy players' needs, but Rockstar still decided to take another step and create this Online mode, which can just be called “success after success”. 

This was not a product that just appeared randomly in the thoughts of Rockstar game developers. This was a complete and enormous open world that would make players spend hours of their day roaming around the streets in the game. Though it was not perfect at the start, the game only got better and better through years of improvement. 

Play GTA Online on PC 

It wasn’t until two years after the debut for consoles like PS4 and Xbox One, Rockstar Games officially released it on the PC. Much of the features and gameplay remained the same when you play it on your PC when compared with the console, except for one additional mode called Heists which was the one that brought a whole new breath for the game. 

Gta Diamond Casino Heist
Grand Theft Auto Online - The Diamond Casino Heist

GTA Online 2020 is very different from many of its previous versions including the one from its first day of release. That is because the game has been continuously updated through years and each update contains several changes and new features. 

Both beginners and players who come back after a period of time can be overwhelmed at the beginning as there are too many new things, but it is actually not difficult to get used to at all and they will be able to play smoothly at no time. 

Gta Gameplay

Gta Gameplay 2

Now, in order to play the game on your PC, the first thing to do is to buy a copy of GTA V. You can choose to buy it from Steam or the Epic Games Store. The Online mode is added to every copy of the game and can be played with only one click and no extra fee at all.

Once done purchasing and set everything up, launch the game, click on Online mode in the Main Menu to experience the game immediately. Also, there is another way to get into the Online mode, which is switching to it from the Story mode.