Previously, I have a chance to try the demo version of Reel Fishing: Road Trip Adventure at E3 2019. However, the demo only gives me some experiences on its gameplay, but not what is happening.

So I'm really excited to see a new trailer with descriptions about the background story of the game. Here's the debut trailer, and you can see it below:

Go on a vacation trip to hunt a rare fish

If you haven't heard of Reel Fishing, it's actually the longest-lasting and best-selling fishing simulation. The series started with its first title back in the days of PlayStation 1, and up to now, it consists of over 10 titles.

Reel Fishing Road Trip Adventure Released Its Debu
It's a respectable record of Reel Fishing

That number is very remarkable not only for a fishing series but for any kinds of games as well. Hence, I'm expecting very high in this installment, and the trailer doesn't let me down.

Reel Fishing: Road Trip Adventure tells the story of a group of three students on their vacation trips. It is not their plan at the beginning, but after meeting an unusual man at a museum, they've decided to take on this journey.

The mysterious man asks the college friends to find an elusive fish. Hence, the group will spend their summer vacations to catch that rare creature to satisfy their curiosity.

Reel Fishing Road Trip Adventure Released Its Debu
The three college friends will have to find the elusive fish

However, they might find more than just fish. The identity of the man will be revealed through the mystery behind that fish. Every fishy thing in this game need the friends to works together to unveil, and Reel Fishing: Road Trip Adventure will be their best adventure!

About the gameplay of Reel Fishing: Road Trip Adventure

In this game, your objective is to catch the rare fish and find out the mystery behind that fish and the mysterious man. But first things first, you'll have to get better at fishing.

Reel Fishing Road Trip Adventure Released Its Debu
It's a game about fishing after all

Begin with some small kinds, you'll start to gain experience and upgrade your abilities to nab bigger fish. Bringing them back will grants you worthier rewards, as well as you can cook them with your friends for tasty dishes. Furthermore, you can also upgrade your equipment and travel beyond the average lakes to find more challenges.

Reel Fishing Road Trip Adventure Released Its Debu
Upgrading your fishing gears to catch bigger fish

Even though Reel Fishing: Road Trip Adventure is a fishing game, it's not always about fishing. In fact, the game features an intriguing story told through the Persona-like dialogues.

Reel Fishing Road Trip Adventure Released Its Debu

I don't have a chance to fully investigate it through the demo, so I'm very excited to try the game when it releases.

Release date and supported platforms

Along with the debut trailer,  Reel Fishing: Road Trip Adventure also received an official release date. The game will come out on September 17.

At launch, this installment will support PS4 and Nintendo Switch. However, considering its tradition of supporting multiple devices, we can expect more platforms to get the game in the future.