Rolling balls to knock down stuff is no longer only available on Bowling games, as Modus Game is introducing Rock of Ages 3: Make and Break now. It's a multiplayer competitive game where you can take control of the weirdest rolling devastator in the ancient ages to crash through other players' bases.

Rock of Ages 3: Make and Break is the brainchild from the developers ACE Team, Giant Monkey Robot, and to get some feedback for their finishing states, they've decided to bring the Closed Alpha version of the game on Steam. There's also an announcement trailer for this event to notifying players and give us a brief look on how the game looks like.

You can see that trailer down here:

Overview on Rock of Ages 3: Make and Break

"Make your own levels. Break everyone else's." - that's the tagline that the developers put to describe their upcoming games. To be more specific, Rock of Ages 3: Make and Break is a tower-defense game mixed with a rolling simulator, in which step in the role of gods to create your own world, and having fun times crashing the other.

First things first, let's talk about the creating part. The game gives players a tool-rich but easy-to-use in-game editor that allows you to build your new world from scratches. With the editor, you can decide which kinds of buildings will appear in your world, as well as the people and animals.

Rock Of Ages 3 Closed Alpha Steam 1
You can create any world that you find legit, especially with giant toads

You can freely make use of your creativity, creating the ones that don't follow any rules of history. After that, you can share it with the community so that they can admire your work.

And then, here's the destructing part - the place where things start to be fun. Up to four players can join in a game online or two for split-screen with one of the created maps and starts the rolling adventure.

Rock Of Ages 3 Closed Alpha Steam 2
You'll start by building the obstructions to protect your base

With more than 20 quirky boulders like stones or cheese-made ones, your task is to ramp through the defense lines that other players have built, and the one with only their village standing is the final winner. That said, you'd also have to plan carefully when building your obstructions to protect your town as well.

Rock Of Ages 3 Closed Alpha Steam 4
It's fun to be a huge cheese!

The rolling mechanics of Rock of Ages 3 is very satisfying with detailed animation and weird physics. Overall, it's a fun game to play, not only with its creativity, but also its stress-relieving gameplay.

Release date

Rock of Ages 3: Make and Break is heading for an early 2020 release, but no exact date has been announced yet.

That's because the developer needs to grant some feedback from early adopters, and if you want to become one, feel free to sign-up for the Closed Alpha test via Modus Game's official site.