The Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV reveals is the sign of Koei Tecmo’s return to the Strategy genre. It would be released in 2020 and is currently in development for PC and PS4. This new entry is expected to be yet another version of the famous “Three Kingdoms” story – including all the impressive tactics and gigantic battlefields that the series is famous for. It is also mentioned that instead of being a remake, XIV would be a “remix” with features of past installments carefully sprinkled in to create the best Romance of the Three Kingdoms experience.

Romance Of The Three Kingdoms Xiv Announced 01 Hea

The time period between the English releases of the previous installments is 8 years, with Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI in 2008 and Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII in 2016. XII was a Japan-only release. According to the related info, Koei has probably learned their lessons from the previous release, which earned only a lukewarm reaction.

Cropped Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 13 Featured
Fight as your favorite Three Kingdoms characters

Nothing much was revealed in the teaser trailer, because well.. it is just a teaser, with people going through the series’ history. However, a lot of information was made available on the official site, which has three screenshots that depicts what the game will look like. In spite of the fact that nothing was shown in real-time, from these images we can already piece together a broad picture of what is to come. The minimap looks the same – and based on the lines drawn, you probably won’t be tied to any lanes and can tactically switch without any problems.

This is a statement made by Koei Tecmo about this game:

Romance of the Three Kingdoms 14 is going to use the ruler system from the ninth and eleventh game in order to bring back the classic experience. All actions related to strategy would be combined into a single map – from domestic to political and battle… you name it. The main focus of the game – the great heroes of the Three Kingdoms saga, would be on display front and center. The player would definitely be able to immerse themselves into the game, with the assistance of great generals like Liu Bei and Guan Yu. Furthermore, the game’s map will depict the territories captured by your faction – induce a thrill of expansion by a simple color system.

Rt3k 001 Noscale
The expansion system simplified - with colorful indicators

Till now, we have only mentioned returning features – they are not the only thing Koei will bring to the saga’s next game. There will be a new system called Evolved Artificial Intelligence – implemented to challenge players across playthroughs. The basis of the ruler system is also changed, with factions’ goal determined by their leader’s ideals. You would experience every game differently using difference rulers. Each member of your faction would have different strategies and policies, therefore making good use of them would be very important in advanced gameplay. Most events, from wars to diplomatic affairs will be separated into micro-managing your claimed territories and gathering others. Players would face an ever-increasing challenge as they progress through the game and gaining more territories.

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A tactical AI system is introduced for the first time

All the changes above is a good sign about this game since they are more or less fixes to issues that players have with the previous installments. A lot of the fan favorites features in Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI is going to be brought back, for the same reason.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV is expected to be released on Q4 in Japan, with an English release in early 2020. The game will be available on two systems: PC and PlayStation 4