Rune fans are now getting excited by the upcoming title in the franchise. The sequel was originally named as Rune: Ragnarok, but developer Human Head Studios decided to change its name to Rune II later. There is no more "Ragnarok" in the official title, but according to the new trailer, Rune II still takes place in a formidable Norse universe where gods, monsters, and the remaining of humanity fight for their own lives.

Rune Ii
Rune II is the sequel to the RPG Rune, which was released in 2000.

Into the game, players will play as the Midgard’s savior. The gods have chosen you to fulfill destiny, which means you now possess their blessings and powerful abilities. You will embark on a journey to end Ragnarok by stopping Loki from ruining Midgard as he puts the world in a constant state of chaos.

Many threats and dangerous creatures are waiting for you throughout your path. Alone or side by side with friends, you will face armies of Loki's followers while collecting unique resources, seeking for valuable artifacts to weaken the Realm Gate where Loki hides and craft the strongest weapons that Nine Realms have ever seen.

Rune Ii 1
You have been chosen to end Ragnarok.

The new trailer, Loki’s Ages of Ragnarok, tells us a lot about Rune II gameplay. From a narrative of a man who seems to be an angry Viking, we've known one thing: things are getting worse after the world saw lots of death. However, the chaos only makes fierce Vikings more powerful.

Rune Ii 3
You will fight against many dangerous creatures.

The combat system was also partly revealed in the trailer. We can see frost giants and dragons, which Norse mythology fans may feel familiar with. A number of outfits and armors was also teased in the video, and they are obviously inspired by the Viking style.

It seems that Rune II will be an Apocalypse-themed experience that RPG fans don't want to miss. The game will hit PC platform later this summer as an exclusive on the Epic Games Store.