Sable is a gorgeous exploration game from developer Shedworks that has spent a couple of years in development. Now, according to a recent press release from the developer, it will be coming next year, although a specific date has not been confirmed at the moment.

Gregorious Kythreotis, a representative from Shedworks, revealed that the development process for the game began way back in 2017, and the team “started sharing the game very early on,” initially planning to release it in 2019. “The incredible reception we got meant that we very quickly got the backing of Raw Fury, and eventually Microsoft,” he added.

A quick look at the gameplay of Sable

Yet even though showing some early footages of Sable earned Shedworks the support it needed, the game still took way longer than anticipated to finish.

We initially thought the game would take us around 2 years to develop,” Kythreotis explained. “It was an extremely rough estimate and for us to fully realise the game we want to make, we now think we need a bit more time.”

The press release also shares that Sable’s development crew has expanded considerably compared to the beginning, when only 2 people worked on the game. The company has now recruited Meg Jayanth – whose previous credits include several notable titles such as 80 Days or Horizon Zero Dawn – to work on the narrative design, alongside many other staff members.

"An unlikely companion to Breath of the Wild”

“This influx of amazingly talented and hardworking people on the project has been nothing short of incredible,” Kythreotis said, “and the value of having a team of creative and passionate people will be reflected in the outcome.”

Parts of Sable was actually showcased back at E3 2018, and the few people who got to try it then described it as “an unlikely companion to Breath of the Wild”. For more information, stay tuned.