Shark Cash Cards are special cards that you can purchase for Grand Theft Auto Online. Each card comes with a set amount of in-game money that, once purchased, is deposited into your character’s bank account straight away. There are six that you can buy.

Card Cost In-game Value
Red Shark Cash Card £1.99 $100,000
Tiger Shark Cash Card £3.19 $200,000
Bull Shark Cash Card £5.99 $500,000
Great White Shark Cash Card £1199 $1,250,000
Whale Shark Cash Card £30.99 $3,500,000
Megalodon Shark Cash Card £59.99 $8,000,000

If you want to buy one of these but save some money, there are easy ways to do this. Here’s a look at what you can do to cut the cost of buying Shark Cash Cards.

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Use Voucher Codes

Lots of companies give out voucher codes to promote their products and services. These are listed at third-party sites such as, which list codes for all sorts of discounts. Pay a visit and you’ll come across special deals for not only Shark Cash Cards, but practically everything else too. You never know what you’ll find discounts for when you visit this site and other ones like it.

Using voucher codes is straightforward. Each one has a special code that you have to enter when making the purchase. Copy and paste it into the required field, then the discount will be applied.

Take Advantage of GTA Promotions

Rockstar Games, the company that publishes the Grand Theft Auto series, sometimes runs promotions that give players free in-game cash. These are rare, but they can be worthwhile if you manage to get involved. Earlier this year, for example, there was a promotion where you could get a discount on not just Shark Cash Cards, but also Gold Bars or indeed the purchase of an entire game. To get the discount, you would simply have to enter a special code when making the purchase.

There’s no telling when another promotion will run. Check the Rockstar Games official website regularly so you don’t miss out on the latest special deals.

Complete Tasks to Earn Rewards at Rewards Sites

There are lots of websites where you earn rewards such as discount codes by completing tasks. The tasks include viewing adverts, filling out surveys and inviting friends. Simply sign up to a rewards website and once your account’s set up, you’ll be able to begin completing tasks to earn points. Once you’ve earned enough points, you’ll get to cash them in for a discount code of some kind.

Shark Cash Cards are some of the many goodies you can earn from rewards sites. Idle-Empire and Xpango are two examples of these. Before signing up to any kind of site that hands out free goodies, be sure to check if it has a good reputation or not. Do some quick research to see what people make of it and what its ratings and reviews are like.

Check Out Comparison Sites

There are quite a few websites that list retailers that are selling Shark Cash Cards and the prices they’re available for. These sites are useful because they allow you to quickly see which of the listed sites is selling Shark Cash Cards for the cheapest price. Comparison sites save you time. You don’t have to find lots of different sites selling Shark Cash Cards and compare the prices yourself - the comparison site does all the hard work for you.

When you visit a comparison site, you’ll get to see the current prices and there’ll be links to all the retailers that are listed. Simply find the cheapest price for a Shark Cash Card, click the link to visit the retailer and make the purchase.


Shark Cash Cards are a must for any serious GTA player. Thankfully, you don’t have to buy these at the prices that Rockstar Games sets. By doing some shopping around, you can easily find discounts for these cards. Take advantage of these and earn in-game currency for slightly less real money. You may just save a small amount of actual money, but it’s better than not saving anything at all.