Scavengers is a brand new class-based multiplayer shooter which has a one-of-a-kind "co-opetition" twist. At the E3 2019 today, during a YouTube Live, the audience got to check out the first gameplay of Scavengers. This is all thanks to Josh Holmes - CEO of Midwinter Entertainment.

Scavengers is a new class-based multiplayer shooter game
Scavengers is a new class-based multiplayer shooter game

In Scavengers, the players will become young explorers. However, they will have to work in opposing groups. They have to battle against others to survive in a world where a new ice age has resulted from cataclysmic events.

Scavengers combined and balanced PvE and PvP mode to create a deep, tense as well as easily variable experience.

Players have to fight against terrible weather conditions, sophisticated AI enemies and also predatory wildlife. Furthermore, they have to survive in a world which combines exploration with combat and survival elements. Handling these things while keep focusing on your teammates as well as cooperative game mechanics make the game more challenging than ever.

You have to face predatory wildlife in terrible conditions

“The whole of Midwinter is thrilled to share Scavengers’ gameplay for the first time,” Holmes expressed.

He also shared that they had been creating a distinct gameplay experience over the past year and a half. They had decided to describe it as ‘co-opetition’. The gameplay they shared really showcases the intriguing combination of PvP and PvE.

The gameplay featured four of their characters, each possesses unique abilities, trying to stay alive in Scavengers’ hostile world. They were holding private playtests for PC and they were excited to present the community with the next phase of their development.

The game is a great combination of PvP and PvE

Newly based in Seattle, Midwinter Entertainment is an independent studio. It has veterans of Gears Of War franchises, Battlefield, and also Halo.

Josh Holmes, the current Creative Director and CEO of the studio co-founded Midwinter after his successful career in AAA gaming. He is well known as the Creative Director of Halo 4. He was also 343 Industries’ Studio Head in the process of developing Halo 5: Guardians.

The game is sponsored by SpatialOS, using the unique cloud-based solution of Improbable for multiplayer games.