Season 5 of PUBG, which began in last year’s October, is coming to an end. You should claim the rewards or complete the rest of your mission if you haven’t already. In this article, we would provide more information about the season end date, Title System, Survival pass, and PUBG awards.

This is your last chance to claim all the seasonal rewards

The fifth season will end on Jan 14 for PC and Jan 21 for consoles. The premium Survivor Pass would also end on the same day – players would not be able to complete missions or buy level up items after it closed.

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Unlock everything before it ends

Various unclaimed skins or items can still be unlocked after the season ends by clicking the “Claim All” button. All rewards would be locked after the server maintenance on Jan 22 (Jan 30 on console). All rewards are lost afterward so be sure to get everything before the reset.

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Season 5's most valuable pass rewards

Survival Title Season Rewards would be given to all players who have gotten higher than Novice. You can claim them by checking the overview section of the lobby. Survivor titles would be soft reset as soon as the next season starts, with consideration to previous titles when determining initial placements. The next season would also bring the new skill-based ranking system, so the whole thing could be redetermined altogether.

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The golden helmet cup of PUBG Awards 2019

The winner of PUBG Awards 2019 is WhoBuiltTheArk, with over 35% of the total vote of the poll. Below is the winning video, containing the winners and all three runners-up. The guy would get a golden PUBG Mask trophy for the best PUBG video of 2019.

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