In Seed Hunter, the most important skill to acquire is dodging. Because it's always exciting for players to make a quick jump behind the enemy and use some awesome combo on their back, and also because that the bosses in the game are highly likely three times bigger than you, and they can crush you with their deathly ax effortlessly. However, the game only allows you to make three dodges in a row, and then you need to wait for your endurance meter to refill. Combat in this game is designed to be fast-paced, but if you want to beat it, you will have to learn not only the skill of mashing and dodging but also the movement of your weaponry to keep yourself alive.

Bosses are usually three times bigger than you.

Having a chance to try a brief demo of this title, I always feel like I have to change my weapons regularly. A standard sword is what I had in the first place, and after doing my usual hit-hit-hit combos, I noticed a bow. It looks so neat that I decided to change my weapon to it. I unleashed a hail of arrows just to realize that it came with a different meter placed at the bottom of the screen. After that, I got a drop of a great sword which I changed to later because swords that size are always my ideal choices. Like other weapons, it had its own set of mechanics.

The game has a wide range of choice for weapons.

I had a short conversation with the Seed Hunter's developer at Bitsummit, the indie gala where the game is introduced this weekend. He said that most of the weapons on his game are inspired by Monster Hunter. That explains why they are so many in the game, and each of them has a unique playstyle.

Generally, the game feels like a typical rogue-like title. Maps are created procedurally and patched together from reasonably small 2D levels, which were divided into several essential classes. Treasure rooms, boss room, basic rooms, etc. The graphic is all about haunted, abandoned eastern villages and scary forests. Seed Hunter has some vibe of a shadowy Muramasa.

Seed Hunter's developer is a Chinese studio.

Despite the fact that Seed Hunter will come to Steam this July, I'm not sure if the game will be released with an English version because its developer is a Chinese indie group. However, there is an English Twitter page for this title, that sounds interesting for us all to wait for an upcoming rogue-like 2D game with a system of weapons inspired by Monster Hunter.