Nonstop Knight 2 is a sequel to the endless hack-and-slash Nonstop Knight, and it picks up right where its predecessor left off.

It does add several notable improvements, though. For example, gear now provides various bonuses if you wear several pieces of the same set, which makes the looting a lot more exciting.

Moreover, abilities have been polished to a greater extent. In the first games, you simply just had to smash buttons to spam skills. This time around, each one has its own unique purpose, so you’ll have to be more strategic.

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Nonstop Knight 2 has added several notable improvements

Nonstop Knight 2 has added several notable improvements

As you progress throughout the game, you’ll unlock plenty of abilities, but at the beginning, you only have access to 3: a leap attack, a freezing AoE punch, and a whirlwind. Each has several uses, though. For example, the leap attack helps you close the gap with enemies to engage, or you can also use it to quickly get out of a situation. Meanwhile, the freezing punch can be used on multiple weaker enemies to decimate them or on a single boss to perma-freeze it.

Nonstop Knight 2
The skills are more polished

All of this results in a game that’s a lot more entertaining and rewarding than the original, but we still can’t help but feel like the entire thing is somehow lacking in ambition. It’s clear that the developer is just trying to avoid risk by sticking as closely to the original formula as possible. Thus, you will notice that not a lot of attention has been paid to the little details such as the visuals.

The entire thing is somehow lacking in ambition

Honestly, every level just feels incredibly bland and uncreative. Repetition is inevitable in these types of game, so variety in dungeon design is a large part of what keeps things fresh. Unfortunately, with Nonstop Knight 2, the stages all look pretty much the same without any defining feature whatsoever. The game is not ugly by any means, it’s just that there is nothing to look at.

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Not a lot of attention has been paid to the level designs

That’s not to say Nonstop Knight 2 is a bad game. It is definitely an improvement over its predecessor with improved loot and a more polished skill system, among other things. At the end of the day, though, we just can’t shake the feeling that this is more like what the first Nonstop Knight should have been – a DLC if you will – than an actual sequel.