Although many battle royale games have been released recently like Apex Legend, Black Ops, Battlefield,…, PUBG is still one of the best game of this type and streamers still use this game to interact with fans. Shroud is not an exception, too. Despite saying to leave PUBG, this streamer has come back. On the video of his stream on May 20, Shroud teamed up with Jake 'chocoTaco' and ended the game in a unique way.

The streamer becomes well-know when he starts streaming PUBG

At first, the stream is normal like every other. As usual, the streamer showed off his amazing skill when clearing two hot areas in Elrangel (Pochinki) and Sanhok (Bootcamp). At the final round in Sanhok, two survival teams agreed to finish the match with melee attacks using only one pan. After putting off all weapons and body armours, Shroud put his pan on the rock in the middle of the play area. Four players then spread out and keep an equal distance to the pan. Obviously, the one who got the pan first is a winner.

Two teams use merely attacks to find the winner.

Using only fists, he managed to knock down one player by several punches. At the same time, ChocoTaco was successful to grab the pan and killed the remainder. The match then ended with the victory belonged to Shroud and ChocoTaco.

Shroud starts playing PUBG again makes PUBG fans very excited. Last week, while streaming playing PUBG with his fellow Jake “chocoTaco” Throop, Shroud detected some “wildlife noise”. They then found out that this noise came from a group of stream sniper. They were then taken down by Shroud after watching these monkeys.

Michael Grzesiek is a Canadian popular streamer and is a former professional E-sport player. He is now one of the most followed streamers on Twitch.