Shroud is one of the best shooter game players in the world. He became extremely famous when he started streaming PUBG and totally dominated the game. He later moved on to other battle royale game such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Fornite,... He is currently streaming Apex Legends as the game is getting the Season 4 update.

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Shroud thinks Apex Legends isn't as fun as PUBG

During one of his stream a few days ago, a viewer asked him which one he would choose between PUBG and Apex Legends to play for the rest of his life. Much to the surprise of all the viewers, he said that he would choose PUBG. Considering that he rarely plays PUBG nowadays and still complains about all its flaws from time to time, no one would have expected this answer. You can watch the moment in the video below at 2:53 time mark.

Shroud further explained that there is no solo mode in Apex Legends and PUBG can give players a satisfying feeling more often. Shroud describes PUBG as giving players more "banger" moments when you just did something incredible. For example, getting a kill in PUBG is much more rewarding in PUBG with a long-range sniper such as Kar98.

Sniping with bolt-action snipers in PUBG is an incredible experience

Sniping in long-range in PUBG is a really hard task with lots of calculations and sometimes luck. With only a Kar98, PUBG gives any players the chance to have that feeling again for the rest of the match. Meanwhile, in Apex Legends it is much harder to get that feeling as it is way too hard for average players to achieve incredible moments.

Shroud also said that the ranked mode in Apex Legends makes every game feels more intensive than necessary while PUBG matchmaking allows him to stomp random noobs.

That being said, each game has its own characterizes that are both good and bad. It's doesn't necessarily mean that PUBG is better than Apex Legends or anything. With the Season 4 is now live in Apex Legends now, Shroud might even want to change his mind about this.