Campers are people who find a safe spot to hide and wait for enemies to show up. In many multiplayer FPS games, especially games with a big world such as PUBG, Escape from Tarkov, camping is not encouraged. Some even consider camping as cheating, unfair, and a bad way to play the game.

They are not wrong. If every single player in a game try to camp and stay on one spot, there will be nothing happen. Also, the feeling of getting killed before you can even see your opponent is frustrating. It is easy to understand why most players hate it. But what about the pros, what do they think about it. Here is the opinion of Shroud about campers.

When asked by a viewer, Shroud says that "there is always a way to counter campers." He further explains that the perfect position for campers doesn't exist and you can always use different tools to defeat campers such as grenades. It is all about preparation, having the right tool at the right time will help you win the fight.

To demand a perfect balance for a game is impossible. Also, a game without any random factor is going to be very boring. Sometimes you will have an advantage over other players, sometimes you don't.

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People need to accept that camping is just another way to play the game

It doesn't matter that you are a camper or not, the most important thing is to bring the right tool to battles. Campers are inevitable in games like these and people should start seeing them as just another strategy, another way of playing games. Especially in games where survival is the most important thing, camping is definitely one of the smartest tactics that one should use.