If you happen to jump into an Apex Legends match and things seem to be in a lot slower speed than the game usually are, you might have experienced the slow movement bug that has recently been in the game. To all players of Apex Legends, the true reason behind this bug is still a mystery, so don’t panic if you meet this bug. We can all be the victims. While the bug will certainly decrease your chance of winning a match in Apex Legends (which is small in the first place), there is a way to fix the bug.

Even though the exact actions of yours that cause the bug is still unknown, players seem to encounter the bug more often after being revived by a teammate. To fix this bug, the player will have to die and then be revived again. Unfortunately, this means you’ll have to find a way to down yourself in the game. While the easiest way is to face an enemy, doing that means the enemies can loot your stuffs after killing you. So killing yourself in a quiet and secret place seems to be a nicer way, and there are ways for you to cause damages to yourself. If you play Lifeline, you can call in your care package ultimate and stand under it. When the package lands, it will deal damage. Or, if you have a grenade or other utility, you can throw them at your feet to cause damage.

Apex Concept Art Wallpaper Lifeline 0
Even the best healer in Apex Legends can hurt herself and her teammates

Once you are dead, a teammate will have to revive you to fix the slow movement bug. If you’ve been revived and the bug still happening with you, just repeat the process once again. Once eliminated, have your teammate bring you back into the game at a respawn beacon. At this point, the bug should no longer affect your movement. While it’s inconvenient to fix, this is currently the only method that works until Respawn Entertainment can fix the slow movement bug in the upcoming patches (of course we don’t count alt+f4 during a match is a recommended solution). One last thing: if you encounter this bug in a match, restart the game before your next match in Apex Legends.