Celeste is among one of the most popular games this year, as it is on the Polygon’s list of the top 10 games of the year.  In 2019, Limited Run Games will be introduced, which will come with a collector’s edition.

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Get the full package of Celeste's special edition

In the collector’s edition, beside a copy of the game as usual, you also can expect more goodies: Celeste Mountain patch, a sticker sheet, poster and postcard, the game’s soundtrack on cassette, a Steelbook case, and a plush strawberry, which is quite relatable as it imitates all strawberries you have missed in the game. For those who love Celeste and baking, the perks are even better as they get a card with a recipe for strawberry pie. They would, perhaps, wish that all the strawberries they have collected during the game were physical ones so that they can bake the most amazing cake ever.

What if you are a Celeste fan and all you are into is music – a physical cassette of the game’s soundtrack is the item for you. Yes, it needs a Walkman or a boom box to be played, but do not worry because the developer also attracted a download code. The soundtrack of the game is a product of Lena Raine, which you can also find on vinyl.

The music of Celeste has been highly praised by gamers and critics, with so many considered as one of the best video game music of 2018. The soundtrack itself has been nominated in the "Best Video Game Music" category of The Game Awards 2018 event.

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The edition will be on sale from Jan 1st, 2019

The collector’s edition of Celeste will be available on PlayStation 4 at $74.99 and on Nintendo Switch at $74.99 during the sale period, starting from 10 a.m January 1st, 2019 ET. Hurry up if you wish to own all these goodies as there are only 2500 copies available.