The holiday giveaway event of Epic Games Store was just refreshed for yet another time, with Ape Out’s run concluded. The next freebie that would mark the halfway point of the event is Celeste, a hit indie platformer from developer Matt Makes Games.

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The main cast of the series, with the protagonist Madeline standing at the middle

People who have been following Epic Games Store’s giveaways during the previous months should recognize Celeste – the game was part of a free giveaway before on August 29. This is actually the first repeat giveaway ever on Epic’s program – however, this time it is the main giveaway game instead of just a bonus. Due to its M rating, previously, Celeste was just an attached bonus.

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Explore the mysterious mountain, with levels upon levels of charming pixel graphics

Celeste is one of the most challenging platformers out there, however, for people who are not used to this genre, the developer has added various assist modes that could be activated to reduce the difficulties of the game if you are having problems.

Solve over one hundred handcrafted levels, each with its own unique quirk

In this game, you would help the protagonist Madeline survive both her inner turmoil and the danger during her journey to get to the top of Mt. Celeste. You would get to try hundred of handcrafted levels, solve puzzles, uncover secrets – all to reveal the final secret behind the mountain.

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There are a lot of themes for the maps, from jungle to cave to building

The game works on both Windows and macOS. To get it for free on Epic, Please head to the main page and scroll down until you see a banner with the Free option. This promotion would last until the end of today, with Totally Accurate Battle Simulator to replace it tomorrow. Interested in more of our article related to video games? Please check out this post for the top 10 best RPG released in 2019.