Rima: The Story Begins from developer UP Entertainment is finally available for iOS after its original launch on Android all the way back in 2017. It's a graphically impressive platformer with a variety of metroidvania elements thrown into the mix. Check out Rima’s trailer below:

From the trailer, it’s not hard to see that Rima: The Story Begins bears a striking resemblance to Ori and the Blind Forest, another critically acclaimed platformer from Moon Studios Their aesthetic and core gameplay mechanics are way too similar to just be a coincidence.

However, even if Rima is indeed a copycat of Ori, it’s the love and dedication that the developer has invested in the game that makes it stand out. This is no mere cheap ripoffs – that much is clear. Rather, it appears like a game that’s done too good of a job learning from its inspiration.

Rima B98b_wm
The aesthetic is incredibly similar to Ori and the Blind Forest

And of course, the nice thing about Rima is that it is available on mobile, allowing you to enjoy it on the go. It also comes with controller supports if you prefer a gamepad over the touch controls as well.

Similar to Ori, Rima: The Story Begins sees you exploring a massive forest, discovering numerous secrets and hidden paths as you do. The story, meanwhile, begins when a Goddess sends our protagonist Rima and a sidekick named Huva on a perilous mission to revive the elements and save the forest. Throughout your journey, you'll come across plenty of hostile creatures and unlock additional abilities that grant you access to areas that you couldn’t initially.

Rima: The Story Begins
You'll get more abilities throughout your journey

Rima: The Story Begins is currently available on the App Store. It is a premium release priced at $4.99 (Rs 350). The Android version, meanwhile, has been quite well-received, and nobody seems to be bothered by the fact that it looks similar to Ori and the Blind Forest either.