Coming from developer Appijo, Mazuna World is a new platformer that’s set to launch for Android next month. However, an Early Access version of the game is already available if you want to give it a try. Check out its trailer below:

From the trailer, it’s not hard to tell that Mazuna World’s gameplay has drawn heavy inspirations from Mario, though it has an Indiana Jones aesthetic. Just like the famed explorer, our protagonist comes equipped whip and a hat – or he will, when you’ve found these items hidden inside boxes across the different levels.

Before he does, he is Mario, meaning he can only jump and move to the right and his only methods of self-defense are either jumping on enemies’ heads to destroy them or just completely avoid them. Of course, once you get your hands on the whip, you'll be able to use it to lash foes to death.

Mazuna World Whip 1896_wm
Once you've obtained your whip, you can use it to lash foes to death

Taking any damage, though, and you’ll be reverted back to your bare-handed state, where any further damage will result in your instant demise. Again, pretty Mario-like.

The game will boast 130 stages spread across 5 different worlds, so there’s a fair amount of content on offer just within the main campaign alone. Aside from that, there are several game modes to play through.

Mazuna World 9a9e_wm
Plenty of levels spread across 5 worlds

There's the Challenge Mode where you are presented with a series of random challenges to overcome, and then there’s the Coin Dash mode in which the screen will automatically scroll and your task is to press jump at the correct moment to avoid obstacles while collecting as many coins as you can. And last but not least, you can even create your own levels to challenge other players too.

Mazuna World is now in Early Access on Google Play with the full version expected to arrive in January 2020. It’s a free-to-play game with IAPs.