The new 2019 game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be a soft reboot of the 2007 title. The gaming community is expecting the same realistic level in this new title since we all know that this game series has no shy when it comes to disturbing images and graphic violence. And it looks like the fans of this series won’t be disappointed.
We have been reported that the campaign in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 has taken away tears of many game testers. And now, the Youtuber Drift0r has just described a mission in that campaign that you will play a child, and that mission is really extreme.

In that child mission, you will be controlling a nine-year-old girl, and throughout the mission, you will have to kill some people with her. This will probably be the first child mission in the game. You will start the mission as the girl wakes up to see the dead body of her mother with a lot of terrible injuries. Then you will have to get back to your house as fast as possible with your dad to pick up your 11-year-old brother.

Screenshot 2
Youtuber Drift0r is really passionate with his spoiling stream

On the way back home, you will see Russian soldiers killing people while tons of bombs falling out from the sky. After getting back to the house safely, your dad will be killed by a Russian soldier, so you and your brother have to fight him. You will cut and stab the soldier a lot, and then kill him with your brother (after being beaten a lot by him). After that, both of you need to get out of the city, and you will see a lot of dead children bodies outside, covering in the yellow dust and sand. YouTuber Drift0r described that all of these children “all died pretty graphically.”

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This mission will feature children dying pretty graphically

But that is not everything. At the end of the mission, you will face two more Russian soldiers at the gate of the city. After a lot of stealth work, you will get a gun and “You shoot one of them in the head and blow his brains out,” according to Drift0r. If the spoiler of this Youtuber is true, then Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 is really worth playing.