Activision get rid of all doubts with its latest announcement

With the latest leak around the PC port of Spyro Reignited Trilogy, people have been unanimously asking the same question inside their heads: "Will the game be announced for PC?". Majority of them already has their own answer, but it's still great to get the official announcement from Activision.

And yes! The fire-spitting dragon will head to PC in the newest HD port version of the trilogy! It will come out on September, 3 this year through Steam!

Even better!

The game will head to PC through Steam
The game will head to PC through Steam

Spyro Reignited Trilogy consists of three original titles Spyro the Dragon, Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage! and Spyro: Year of the Dragon. The developer previously brought the game to PS4 version amidst the excitement from the game's fan. It was an opportunity for Ps4 players only to re-experience the journey of Spyro in high definitions.

But this time, PC gamers are happy now! The studio Iron Galaxy is handling the port, and bring the game to PC through Steam. Apart from remaking the epic titles in modern HD quality, it also brings another bonus features as well. They include upgraded environments, revamped soundtrack, update the lighting and gameplay mechanics as well.

Spyro is back, and he looks even more badass!
Spyro is back, and he looks even more badass!

All of these fantastic new features will be packed in over 100 levels, and will surely satisfy the most demanding nostalgic players!

Further information about the story and gameplay were stated at our previous articles, which you can find here.

PC requirements for Spyro Reignited Trilogy

We understand that you haven't recovered from the utter happiness yet, but it's still plenty of time until the game comes out.

So during the wait time, be sure to check out the minimum and recommended PC requirements to play the game.

Players must own a rig with at least Intel Core i3-2100 or an AMD FX-6300, 4GB of RAM and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 (2GB)/AMD Radeon HD 7850 (2GB). That's not too high for a gaming PC, but if you haven't met these minimum requirements yet, you have three months to upgrade your PC now!

The game will take up 40GB of free hard-disk space, so be sure to spare some space for the Spyro the Dragon to live in.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy
Spyro will take a chunk of space in your hard disk