Diner Dash has been very popular in the mobile gaming scene. It is undoubtedly among the all-time top-selling titles in the platform. Now, it’s time for another entry in the franchise, Diner Dash Adventures. This latest title includes stunning new visuals as well as a brand-new look for our main protagonist, Flo.

Diner Dash Adventures
From Glu, Diner Dash Adventures is now ready for early registration for fans of the genre.

Diner Dash franchise

In case you’re not that familiar with the Diner Dash franchise, it was among the very first games about time-management to arrive on PC. The first entry of Diner Dash came out 15 years ago and later made its way to other major platforms like Xbox, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable and of course, mobile.

Gameplay overview

Diner Dash
Manage your own restaurant and play the diner!

As expected, Diner Dash Adventures has a similar gameplay to its previous predecessors. In the game, players own a restaurant and have to run it correctly by serving all customers properly. That involves guiding them to the seats, receiving orders and serving them on time before they leave. Aside from the usual gameplay, there are side challenges that players can do while progressing further in the game.

Diner Dash Adventures
Explore the storyline as you progress through the levels.

Subscribers milestones

To boost the number of pre-registration, Diner Dash Adventures is handing out rewards on some subscriber milestones. It’s possible to share the link to the pre-registration site on social media to attract more subscribers. You’ll want to do this, as the pre-registration rewards will get much better in accordance with the increase of subscribers. Here are the subscriber milestones alongside their corresponding rewards:

Diner Dash Adventures
Get your rewards based on subscribers milestones.

By reaching 50,000 subscribers, all players will receive a Free Play Boost of three days. For 100,000 subscribers, Glu is giving out a Piggy Bank that worth $20. Finally, at the 200,000 subs milestones, everyone is getting a unique Avatar Set: the Flo Celebration.

If those rewards seemed appealing to you, feel free to head over Diner Dash Adventures’ official site to pre-register. If you’re from the U.S., all you have to provide is your email, date of birth and telephone number.