The development team of STALKER: Legacy of Times recently has published the 1st gameplay video trailer of the title. According to the team, this title is going to be a full-fledged high-quality one that takes inspiration from STALKER. To develop it, the team will use the highly advanced game engine CRYENGINE 2.

Here is the 1st gameplay trailer of the title:

This title began just as a mod for the famous game Crysis Wars. And soon, this mod will be free and hit the market as a standalone title. That means you do not need to have Crysis Wars or the original Crysis to enjoy it.

Stalker Legacy Of Times Got Its First Gameplay Tra
This mod will be a standalone and free title.

Moreover, the territory in the game will be in the northeast corner of the world's most famous nuclear power plant - Chernobyl.

Here we have some features of the upcoming title:

In this fantastic and dangerous game world, you will get the chance to wander in the northeast territories of the famous Chernobyl station near Belarus borders. It is a 4 square kilometer open world, with lots of underground facilities which feature their own grave and horrible secrets.

Stalker Legacy Of Times Got Its First Gameplay Tra
Go on an adventure and continue to explore the game storyline.

The title also offers you a continuous storyline together with a vast amount of optional side quests. You will have access to equipment creation, weapon modification, and trading systems.

You also should keep an eye on all the new artifacts and anomalies, because this mod has an improved and revised artifact system. The development team has also reworked the old mutants and put in many new ones.

Stalker Legacy Of Times Got Its First Gameplay Tra
You will love to explore the wildness of Eastern Europe.

Adventure out on this 4km2 open world to solve puzzles, participate in fantastic events, random encounters. The lore in this title is custom-made based on the original storyline of the STALKER trilogy.