Savior is a new action-adventure platformer which is being developed by Starsoft Entertainment. There is no expected release time yet, but the game already has a Steam page and might come to consoles later.

Savior - A new action-adventure platformer by Starsoft.

The game takes place in Arcadia, a vast open world, where players will find themselves in the middle of an ancient conflict between The Fallen and The Chosen. As a young woman named Sam, you have to embark on a journey through different environments, craft your own weapons and acquire special skills to restore the broken land.

The medieval wild and futuristic underworld in Savior features a series of stages for players to explore, from caverns, dark dungeons to open fields. There are lots of hidden powerful tools and weapons throughout the journey, so be sure to seek for them as they would be extremely useful for your adventure. Many enemies will cross your path, but remember, they are all potential friends. Befriending with other in-game characters play an important role in a world full of terrors like Arcadia.

Various environments await.

Following the tradition of the action-adventure platformer genre, Savior also has a promising combat system. With various abilities, players can move across the map quickly with parkour-style, but the gameplay will require quick and precise actions to make flawless movements.

All enemies are potential allies.

More interestingly, Savior encourages players to totally immerse in its world. According to Weston Tracy, the lead of Savior project, Starsoft wants to deliver a 2D platformer with intelligent NPCs who you can directly interact with to gain some in-game advantages. For example, you can convince a soldier to join your cause, despite the fight you two just had. Or in some situations, knowing the favorite food of certain NPCs is "as useful as a quiver of arrows.”

Savior is still under development. No launch date revealed so far.