Jim is Moving Out! is the new puzzle-platformer title from developers Handsome Box and CINEMAX, s.r.o. Into the game, you will help Jim to move out, but not in an ordinary way as his entire flat is now under your control.

Help Jim move out and see the world by controlling his flat!

Sounds interesting, right? Its gameplay is also simple. You have to move Jim's flat through various environments, from the desert, the jungle, to the futuristic city and even the large passenger ship. The goal is to keep his stuff inside the flat unbroken. So, that totally depends on your skills to balance and safely move the flat through obstacles around the world.

Many different environments are waiting for you.

As a physics-based puzzle title, Jim is Moving Out! features a series of different environments. Each environment has its own stages packed with unique puzzles and challenges. To solve all that and get to the end of the game, it requires players to have good manipulation at the speed and accuracy, or sometimes by sheer luck. But most of the time, Jim is Moving Out! is pretty hard without enough caution and imagination. Keep it in mind that one careless move and Jim's flat will be in ruins.

Imagination is the key.

According to its Steam page, Jim is Moving Out! has both multiplayer and single-player play. You can enjoy the game with another friend in many different modes, including a campaign and Deathmatch/Laboratory - special modes where stages stay locked until you get enough vinyl. More interestingly, the game also has a Time Trial mode - in case you want to hold a family contest.

All in all, if you're into puzzles, love listening to classical music, Jim is Moving Out! is the one game you don't want to miss. The game is now available on Steam and Nintendo Switch.