SkyBox Labs has just released a trailer for their latest puzzle platformer title, Stela in PAX West. You can check out the PAX West trailer of the game below.

Stela is a cinematic platformer about a story of a young woman going through the demise of a mysterious ancient world. You will control her to guide her through the map and overcome challenges, puzzles, trap, and gargantuan beasts. By using the environment in a smart way, you will be able to overcome the most elaborate puzzles and keep on with the journey.

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You will play as the main character, Stela, traveling through a dying world

Apart from traversing complex terrains and avoiding traps, players also have to deal with fearsome creatures are lurking in the darkness of the dying world.

Along with the daunting landscape, the game features an original soundtrack that set the tone for the collapsing world around our young protagonist.

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Beware of dangerous creatures are lurking around in the dark

In the new trailer, we also get to see some new landscape in the game such as The Temple Dungeons, a labyrinth filled with traps deep under the ground, The Caverns, where a mysterious ancient monster has been awakened or The Monastery, a building on top of the mountain to memorize the people who tried to save this world.

Stela Pax West 2019 Trailer 0 32 Screenshot
Use your ability and the environment around you to avoid traps

SkyBox Labs is a Canada studio, who worked with the biggest publisher in the industry like Xbox Game Studios, GungHo, and Electronic Arts. They took part in the development of Halo Infinite, Minecraft Universe and released a  strategy game called TASTEE: Lethal Tactics on Steam.

Stela is yet to have an exact release date, but the game will be released later this year through Steam for PC.