So far developer Lemonbomb Entertainment has published a trailer and a couple of details for its upcoming game Stranded Sails. Described as a “singleplayer open-world farming game", this game is very similar to Stardew Valley, but with a pirate theme. So far, it is confirmed for PC and Nintendo Switch. Check out the trailer below:

The story of Stranded Sails begins as the crew of a ship is shipwrecked on a tropical island in an unknown archipelago. You will play as the son (or daughter) of the captain, with your ultimate goal being to build a new ship to get to civilization safely.

As you work toward that goal, however, you'll have to set up camp and, with any resources you can possibly find, build a small farm with to grow crops and feed your crew. If you manage to do all that, these crewmembers be more than happy to take care of your farm for you, leaving you free to head out and explore.

Stranded Sails Farm
Build a farm and grow crops to feed your crew

Once you leave camp, you can use a rowboat to travel to other islands in the archipelago, each of which has its own distinct characteristics, to find treasures as well as new tools and resources (such as new plant seeds). Be sure to keep track of your energy reserves, though.

Strandedsails 2662153b
Use your rowboat to explore the islands

Besides the laidback open-world exploration, Stranded Sail has numerous story-driven quests that you can take on. According to the developer, you will have the chance to supernatural threats and uncover the mysteries of the cursed islands that you now reside in. Whether the game actually delivers on all that remains to be seen, but so far the concept looks cool, and the vibrant art style is pleasing on the eye.

Stranded Sails is expected to come out on Steam in the second quarter of 2019, with a Switch version following soon after.