What is Apple Arcade?

Apple has just introduced a subscription service called Apple Arcade at the Show Time event. Users only need to pay 10 dollars per month, they will be allowed to download and enjoy all the games it offers. These games will be played online and offline on Apple devices, including macOS and iOS platforms. The company plans to launch this service in the upcoming fall.

Unlike other cloud-based game services such as Microsoft, Nividia, Sony and even Google, Apple Arcade is not built for the purpose of delivering blockbuster games to iOS. This service allows users to subscribe to play more games through the App Store.

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Apple Arcade

Sega Platinum Games, Annapurna, Devolver Digital and Konami are well-known game developers and publishers that have already confirmed their games on this new platform of Apple. Even Hironobu Sakaguchi, who has an important role in the series of Final Fantasy and many other popular role-playing games, has also announced his lastest game will be released in the near future named Fantasian that will be on this service channel. Many games aren't exclusive to Apple's platform but are still promised to appear in Apple Arcade.

Here are the confirmed games available in Apple Arcade.


3514588 Fantasian

This is a game developed by Hironobu Sakaguchi and developed by Mistwalker, so Fantasian has an amazing and highly anticipated background. Fantasian became more special when it was built using 3D images of real-life context and put them into the game. Developers are really building the world of this game with the real world. This is really an ambitious plan and Sakaguchi himself said, he was also very concerned about the number of shots he needed to complete the game.

The Pathless

3514564 Pathless

The Pathless is built as an action adventure in a humid and vast world for players to explore. The game has a majestic backdrop with huge rocks, huge fires rising into the sky and lots of mysteries for players to curiosity and conquer. The game was Annapurna Interactive to Apple's platform and is now leaving a lot of impression through a clip showing the person using a falcon to fly down from a high mountain.

Team Sonic Racing

3514590 Apple Introduces Apple Arcade Sonic Racing

Sonic along with friends will conquer attractive tracks in Team Sonic Racing. Players will choose one of 15 characters to enter the race. If you have ever played Sonic Riders, you will quickly adapt to this game because it also divides characters by 3 types of Technique, Power and Speed. Besides selecting characters according to different criteria, the vehicle types are also optional for players to make choices that fit their racing strategy. Team Sonic Racing brings a difference to Sonic Riders as it focuses more on collaboration between teammates. There are 4 different racing modes that you and your team will together defeat other teams of players.

Where Cards Fall

3514571 Cards

Where Cards Fall is a game built in the style of storytelling with many professional hand-painted art. The game was developed in a few years by a small group in The Game Band, and was recently announced during the Apple Arcade launch. According to the developer, the stories focus primarily on teenage themes and sensitive issues that students often encounter in schools.

Beyond A Steel Sky

3514593 Apple Introduces Apple Arcade Beyond A Ste

In 1994, Beneath a Steel Sky was an unveiled 2D sci-fi adventure game that brought success at the time. Beyond A Steel Sky is about to be released as a sequel to the game and it is almost completely improved compared to its predecessor. It is not simple mouse clicks but it is a spectacular 3D scene. According to the game maker Revolution Software said, the main character of the story Robert Foster will experience a developed city supervised by an almighty and advanced AI. The advantages and disadvantages of new life with deep intervention of intelligent intelligence await players to explore.


3514607 Overland

Overland is a game of building a survival strategy in the post-apocalyptic period. Moderately sized maps for players to experience and search for secrets behind the apocalypse on Earth. This game development team at Finji is trying to bring the game to work on a variety of platforms, including Apple.

Projection: First Light

3514568 Apple Introduces Apple Arcade Projection F

In this game, the player will become a shadow puppet named Greta and go on adventure across different cultures in the hope of finding an enlightenment. This game allows players to experience various artistic and cultural styles through 2D quizzes about the history associated with China, the United Kingdom in the 19th century, Greece, and Indonesia. .

Hot Lava

3514567 Hotlava

Hot Lava is a parkour game that is displayed through a first perspective. It brings a fun color and gives players real entertainment moments. The game was released on Steam by Klei Entertainment and is loved by many PC players, now it is about to appear on Apple devices. The game bears a similar theme with THE FLOOR IS LAVA (a game you may have played since childhood).

Oceanhorn 2: Knights Of The Lost Realm

3514606 Oceanhorn 2 Ios Screenshot

The game will appear on this Apple Arcade as a sequel to Oceanhorn: Monster of the Uncharted Seas. This is an intriguing combination of action and adventure from Cornfox and Bros. The matches of swords, spells or crawls to escape from the dark tunnels are built quite well for players to experience and discover the mysterious legends of this world.

Sayonara Wild Hearts

3514599 Swh 05

According to developer Simogo, Sayonara Wild Hearts is like a "pop video album game". You will not be able to imagine this game until you really participate in it. A vibrant music background will run in an eye-catching space with everything displayed in neon colors. Players will control a person who runs to endless and overcome challenges. It can be said, this is an action game shown with a rock and roll style.


3514596 Lifelike

Lifelike is designed to give players relaxation and stress relief. Players will become part of a pack like wild animals in nature. The game will give players the feeling and memories of the Abzu game. Denis Mikan, one of the game developers at Kunabi Brother, said the main purpose of the game is to help players ease the tension. They just want to create something simple and understandable when the world is so complicated and chaotic.

LEGO Arthouse / LEGO Brawls

3514595 Apple Introduces Apple Arcade Lego Brawls

It can be said that these two bring many questions in public opinion because both are being held responsible by the developer in opposition to Traveller’s Talers. While Traveller’s Taler is the main partner for LEGO game projects. We can expect the differences that these games bring from other games of LEGO.

The Artful Escape

3514963 Artful

The Artful Escape was once thought to be exclusive on the PC platform and Xbox One, but recently it was announced that it will appear on Apple Arcade. The game is a story that follows a descendant of a famous folk musician trying to discover his own artistic path. Instead of continuing his father's work, the character was attracted to and wanted to follow the styles of Bob Dylan and David Bowie.

No Way Home

3514964 Nowayhome

There is not much information about this game except for a picture drawn by the developer SMG Studio. The picture was portrayed as an animated film, consisting of 8 characters with different shapes. It can be said that many of the characters are outsider figures because of the surrounding context and a missile flying in the universe.


3515019 Repair

Ustwo Games, is the popular studio series Monument Valley, the developer of this game. Information about this game has not been revealed much beyond a photo that is said to be the main character of the game. Studio said it will announce more information about this game later this year.


3514993 Hitchhiker

You will be transformed into a memory loss hitch in this adventure game. Players will experience a journey without knowing the destination or who they are. You will have to synthesize clues from the driver and the vehicle to find the answer. The simple content and title of the game makes it a remarkable game in Apple Arcade.


3515025 Cardpoc

Players will be immersed in a 10-year-old kid who enjoys playing Mega Mutant Power Pets. But then the school banned the game and Jess and his friends had to find ways to play the game in secret. However, the monsters in the card of that game are present in the real world and catch her friends. Players must use cards with different rules and functions to fight monsters and save friends.

The Brandwell Conspiracy

3515026 Bradwell

In The Brandwell Conspiracy, the player becomes a survivor of a catastrophic explosion. You will find ways to get rid of a security facility where the rubble has blocked the aisles. The player will not feel lonely while another survivor on the other side of the door and contact the Amber girl is through an AR glasses. The game is designed according to the first view which brings extremely true experiences about the context of the game.


3515033 Yaga

This game is now available on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and PC platforms, now it will appear on Apple Arcade. The game brings a charming and fascinating storytelling style. An immersive action game is shown with a third perspective. Every decision that the player makes in the middle of the level will affect the story happening at the next level.

Down In Bermuda

3515034 Bermuda

Yak and Co, Agent A's production team, released a new game called Down in Bermuda. Through images published on the Apple Arcade site, the game seems to make you an adventurer of islands and temples. However, there is no specific information about these games. Many people predict the challenges of the game will be designed with logic puzzles.

Winding Worlds

3515028 Winding

KO_OP, is the GNOG game development team with interesting, complex toys and unexpected reactions every time you poke at their various components. Now, they release a new game, Winding Worlds with cute and eye-catching characters. There is no information on how to play or play, but these lovely images can be a good thing for players to expect its release date.

UFO On Tape: First Contact

3515032 Ufo

UFO On Tape has appeared before and was an attractive game on iOS devices when it created a lot of virtual effects like the appearance UFOs in your real world through the camera. UFO On Tape: First Contact is the next generation and will appear on Apple Arcade. It will have the appearance of a formidable planetary ship hovering around the iconic Taito building. Arguably this is possibly an alien invasion of space to Akihabara, Tokyo.

Frogger In Toy Town

3514986 Frogger

The game has a lovely and modern color, a simple and attractive gameplay. Frogger In Toy Town is a more modern version of Frogger and was developed by Konami.

Doomsday Vault

3515017 Doomsday

This is a latest Flightless game. The developer has yet to release any information on how to play or the content of this game. But it will definitely be released this year on Apple Arcade.

Kings Of The Castle

3515021 Kings

Except for a screenshot taken during the Apple Arcade presentation, there is no information about this game developed by Frosty Pop. The game will also be released later this year.

Sneaky Sasquatch

3515024 Sasquatch

The game was developed by a 2-person RAC7 group, and the player will be transformed into a Sasquatch that controls a golf card. Sneaky Sasquatch has a bit of something similar to this developer's previous game, when they all bring simple and weird gameplay. The game is expected to be released on the Apple Arcade later this year.

Mr. Turtle

3515027 Turtle

After Mr. Carb and Mr. Crab 2, the publisher of Illusion Labs, continues to release a game for iOS platform called Mr. Turtle. The game continues to be built in a cute, lovely style.


3515035 Spider

This game was developed by WayForward, the developer of Switch Force and Shantae. In the Spidersaurs, players will be transformed into soldiers using guns and a tyrant dinosaur whose hands are spider's legs. There are a few possibilities that Spidersaurs will be designed as a side scrolling action game, however, everything will be certain when this game is officially released.

Atone: Heart Of The Elder Tree

3515030 Atone

This is the next game of Atone from Wildboy, an adventure game based on the story of Norse Mythology. The game focuses on solving puzzles and fighting on rhythm. However, this game has not yet been released, so we still cannot imagine how Atone: Heart of the Elder Tree will have differences or similarities. Some argue that it will be developed in the form of storytelling or a gameplay connection between the two games through their common characters.

Enter The Construct

3514601 Construct

There is not much information about this game except a photo and was developed by Directive Games. Through the photo we can guess this is a fictional shooting game from a first perspective. The game publisher has released VR shooting games (competitors with Super Kaiju) and The Machines (AR-based defense strategy game).


3515015 Monomals Share Image

This is a fascinating and engaging music game. Music will be created when the player tosses his headphones into the water to try to catch the musical fish in the ocean. From there, players create a great piece of music with Monomals and share their compositions with everyone.